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Set your Potential Free

with LifePrint Founder Justin Damian Furness 
Introduction Talk and Training October 22nd 2016

Hello all you Amazing People,

Incredible NEWS, LifePrint is coming to the U.K. Expanding on our previous years of extraordinary Events.  We have been busy back at HQ cooking up a storm after returning home from our last South African and Canadian Tour and preparing for the next explosion of potential.  

If you have not yet registered for the 3 Day LifePrint Event and are uhhhhming and aaahing then why not review some of our previous participants testimonials.

Click here for the Videomonials

If you are still not sure whether this is for you then we invite you to take an important step into a new future with us; come and discover how to "Set Your Potential Free" and register for a 2 hour LifePrint Introduction Training where you will explore some of the information and tools we will be sharing with you in more depth during the 3 days we co-create together.  You will be empowered with information that has over 40 years of research behind identifying potential and Practical Psychology, what may be limiting you from living your Dreams and a life of Fulfilment.  

If you would like to join us for our 2 Hour training in London
at the Regent's University then 
Register Here 
for our
"Set Your Potential Free" Introduction Training

If you are serious and already know, take the next step towards
"Setting Your Potential Free" with LifePrint and register now for the 3 Day Immersion Event and Training


Whether you are just starting a business, have been in business for years or just looking for the next step in your developmental journey,
the "Set Your Potential Free" LifePrint training will be powerful for you.


If you are not sure what your potential is? Or have difficulty identifying your limiting behaviours, then this training is for you.  

You will be able to gain clarity and perspective on how unique you really are!


If you own a business, are in recruitment, HR or a Therapist and would like to indentify the potential of your employees and clients, accelerate your growth, productivity and efficiency, build better team strategies, then don't miss this opportunity and Register today.  

Remember that everything in these seminars is Psychoactive meaning that everything you learn works and expands the Neuroplasticity (the ability to create new neurological connections) of your brain, unlocking and working with you on a subconscious level.

Justin has received acclaim from many respected Practitioners in his field and he is excited to meet, connect, share and welcome you so please feel free to pass this information on to those whom you think will benefit from participating with us.

"Hi Justin.  Thank you so much. I resonated with a lot  of what you said and will need to listen a number of times to take it all in. It is like having someone see me for the first time - things I had never given thought to. Love that you are using the Solfeggio frequencies and Sacred Geometry together. I am very appreciative of what you know and have put together along with BodyTalk. Smiles.  
- Diannah Canada BC

"Thanks so much for the session Justin. I've listened to it twice and will need to do it again in a day or two. lots of info to absorb! The personality analysis was dead on! Particularly the part about my socializing being one extreme or the other - non stop talking or being totally quiet with nothing to say. Thanks again.....I'm truly fascinated by your work and would be interested in using it within my own bodytalk work."
- Debbie Victoria

"Hi Justin, A heartfelt thank you for an inspiring and incredibly accurate LifePrint session and balancing. All of what you said resonated and a lot more about myself now makes perfect sense. It also makes me even more eager to learn this modality"
- Chris London

Love, Gratitude and Infinite Possibilities

Justin Damian Furness CBP
Certified BodyTalk Practice
Founder of LifePrint - The Connectome of Life
+41 (0) 79 303 5717 (ENG) (DE)


United Kingdom

LifePrint Level I - Unleash your Potential
October 28th, 29th, 30th

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LifePrint Level I - Unleash your Potential Outline

Co-Ordinator: Eloise Ansel +44 7766 820285

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