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Weekly roundup and update - 1 June, 2022


It's Katherine here, filling in for Diego on the newsletter beat as he takes a well-earned break in Costa Rica. 

It's already been a busy week, with two member-led workshops and one fireside chat. Our first session, Nature Based Solutions 101 with Sahana, included some great tips on how to investigate that tree-offsetting project you're probably getting pitched. (Quick tip: check the project isn't being staged.) 

Then on Wednesday, Joe took us through an intro to visualising climate data, including some take-home exercises you can practice before adding a chart to your next story or social post. Both of the recordings are now up online

Looking ahead to next week, we have our second-last seminar of the course, but lots more workshops. A reminder to send us your favourite work on email or Circle—we love sharing it online. 

And a quick reminder that the Reuters Institute will be off Thursday and Friday for the Queen's Jubilee (a real thing). See you next week!


Money bag Intro to covering corporate greenwashing. I'll be leading a workshop on companies and corporate greenwashing—red flags to look for, and what questions to start with. This will also be half fireside chat—come with ideas! | Join the event here

Camera Seminar 11: Visualising Climate Change. Dr. Saffron O'Neill joins us for our second-last seminar, on what we think about when we think about (pictures) of climate change. The reading list is already up online. | Join the event here


  • Jéssica shared this opportunity for Spotify grants for African podcasters. If you were at her workshop and thought, "this is for me", this is your chance! It's open to up-and-coming podcasters, too. 
  • Toby McIntosh of GJIN is looking to speak to reporters who cover sea-level rise. If that's your specialty, get in touch. 
  • And we have new stories from members and their teams: Voxeurop on the impact of mining on Sweden's Sámi people; Radiotelevisione Italiana on the potential for renewables in Italy; and The Quint's new series, The Climate Change Dictionary. See them all here
This week at the Reuters Institute

💰 Creating more inclusive reader revenue models. Almost half of the news leaders recently surveyed by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism said they were worried that subscription models may “super-serve” richer and more educated audiences and leave other people behind. A new piece from our contributor Laura Oliver looks at news organisations in Spain, Sweden and South Africa developing reader revenue models that keep in mind people who don't want to pay a full-price subscription. | Read the piece

🇺🇦 Protecting the most vulnerable journalists. As Russia invaded Ukraine, the Rory Peck Trust launched a fundraiser to provide freelance journalists with protective equipment to cover the war. Three months later, they've raised almost £20,000 from 120 people. Our contributor Patrick Egwu has spoken with programmes manager Johanna Pisco about the needs of freelance reporters in these situations. | Read the piece

A new episode. British newsrooms are some of the least representative workplaces when it comes to class. A recent report found that 75% of journalists have a parent in one of the three highest occupational groups, compared to 45% of all UK workers. In the latest episode of our podcast, hosted by our own Caithlin Mercer, our Journalist Fellow Robyn Vinter discusses why journalists from working-class backgrounds are so under-represented in British newsrooms and the types of prejudice and micro-aggressions they face. 

🎙 Audio and transcript of the episode
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