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It's been a while since The CFA Foundation sent out a newsletter, but we've been extremely busy behind the scenes and we now have a lot of news to share with you!

We have a permanent home!

The CFA Foundation has rented the ground floor of the new CFA office building in Alliance, Ohio.  After months of very extensive renovations that turned an out-of-date bank building into a modern gallery area, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on June 10, 2011.  Over 300 people attended the opening, including Alliance City Council members, breeders and exhibitors, and folks from the local community.  The museum officially opened to visitors in mid-August 2011.  The CFA Foundation Board of Directors is currently planning special collection exhibitions for the coming years. 
If you are interested in visiting and viewing our extensive collection of cat memorabilia and art, the musem is located at 260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH. Driving directions are available on Google Maps.
The museum is open to the public:
     Tuesday 10am to 6pm 
     Wednesday 10am to 6pm 
     Friday 1pm to 7pm 
     Saturday 10am to 2pm
If you have a group or tour that would like to visit, please make advance arrangements with our museum manager, Fred Pisani. Fred can be reached by email to or by phone 330-680-4444 (during museum hours.)
Maneki Neko Donation and Exhibit
We were very excited to have a collection of over 160 Maneki Nekos donated to us by Donald Hargrove of Memphis, TN.  After hearing about the new museum on National Public Radio, Mr. Hargrove contacted the Foundation and made arrangements to donate the bulk of the Maneki Nekos he had been collecting for 15 years.  These beautiful “Japanese lucky cats” come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They are a wonderful addition to the museum collection.

In fact, we’re so excited about this donation that we are creating our initial “special collection” exhibit around this generous donation. Several other people have also loaned additional Maneki Nekos and related items for this exhibit. One of the rooms in the museum is being turned into a Japanese-themed exhibit area, and will have Maneki Nekos of every color, pattern, medium and design on display.

The Maneki Neko Collection is scheduled to open on February 1, 2012.

The CFA Foundation Goes "On the Road" to Indianapolis

The CFA Foundation went "on the road" and took a sample of our artifacts to the CFA National Show, held in Indianapolis, IN on November 19-20, 2011. Historical items on display included a number of advertisements, rosettes from 1896 and 1927, a collection of Siamese figurines and, of course, some Maneki Nekos.

We had a photo album filled with photos of breeders and exhibitors through the years. Visitors to the booth were invited to help us with identification and we are pleased that the majority of the people in the photos have now been identified!  Flipping through the photos proved to be a "walk down memory lane" for many in attendance. 

Our Thanks to Recent Donors!

Since moving to our permanent home, the CFA Foundation has been the recipient of a number of artifacts to add to our collection.  Our sincere thanks to Marsha Ammons, Jo Cornwall, Chris Willingham, Joe Ebneter, Richard Gebhardt, Janice Reichle, Pat Chapman, Willa Hawke, and Karen Lane,   We also appreciate the generosity of those CFA cat clubs who have chosen to donate to the CFA Foundation in lieu of judges' gifts. 


The CFA Foundation relies solely on donations to fund our acquisitions as well as the display, storage and maintenance of them.  Donations can now be made through PayPal.

A fundraising campaign is being planned for 2012. We look forward to inviting you to become a "Friend of the Foundation" in the near future. Your generosity to help us with our mission is truly appreciated. Learn more about donating to the CFA Foundation here ...   

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The CFA Foundation Library

Our Library

We have been busy organizing and cataloging our extensive library of cat books.  Currently, we have over 700 books on the subject of cats, as well as a collection of many magazines such as Cat Fancy, Cats Magazines, Our Cats, Cat World, etc.  These books and magazines, numerous dating back to the late 1800's,  provide a wonderful historical background on the history of the cat and the cat fancy. 

As we catalog the magazine collections, we find that there are the occasional issues missing, and we will be putting out a call for these missing issues in the near future

Latest Acquisition

The Cat Courier, a weekly newsletter, was published in Rochester, NY and contained mostly news about breeders and shows held in the Great Lakes Region of CFA, along with show results from other areas of the United States.  The CFA Foundation has received a bound copy of issues dated between June 28 and December 27, 1913.  The historical data and photos found in this volume is extremely interesting information that will help us to record a history of CFA's Great Lakes Region.  We are seeking additional issues. 

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