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Cats Strut Their Stuff in Alliance! 

The Feline Historical Museum welcomed close to 200 people last week … visiting to get a first-hand look at Feline Agility.  Jill Archibald, coordinator of CFA’s Feline Agility program spent a week in Alliance with two Egyptian Maus and a Japanese Bobtail.  Joel and Camelle Chaney also stopped in with several Maine Coons, who did very well to say they had never seen an agility course before. Jill gave instructions to visitors on how to coax a cat over a hurdle or through a hoop and then gave them a chance to try it for themselves. Many participants had very successful times. 

Above: Agility ringmaster, Jill Archibald, watches as Mr. Brown,
an Egyptian Mau, clears a hoop obstacle. 

The museum’s press releases resulted in several newspaper articles, photos in area papers, and videos on newspaper web sites.  The videos, which have already been viewed almost 500 times, can be seen here - and  

Above: Coverage by photographers from two area newspapers lead to
fantastic articles that brought many people to the museum.

There was great enthusiasm from the visitors, as youngsters and adults alike got a turn at taking a cat through the mini-agility course set up in the museum’s 15’ wide x 53’ long main aisle.

Above: Japanese Bobtail, Ziva, looks a little confused to
find an unexpected obstacle in the tunnel.


Visitors all received free cat toys,  made available through the agility program sponsorship of Dr. Elsey (Precious Cat Litter). Children who visited were given books about pedigreed cats, courtesy of Enslow Publishing. It was a very successful  opportunity to attract spectators to the museum, and to inform them about another of CFA’s programs.

Above: David visited with his father and young sister, and stayed for an
hour trying to entice Ziva to jump over a hurdle


Plans for the CFA World Show

The CFA World Show promises to be a special event in more ways than one. The show, to be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on November 17 and 18, has already attracted 1,000 entries!  In addition, there will be 20 judging rings with judges from the US and abroad, an education ring, plus a large number of vendors in attendance.

Be sure to stop by the CFA Foundation booth! We're busy putting together a display of memorabilia related to the state of Ohio - Chessie items, rosettes and catalogs from Ohio based clubs and shows, photos of winning cats from Ohio, magazines from the 1930's with Ohio-bred cats on the covers, etc.  

We're going to create a 'Memory' Scrapbook - and we're inviting exhibitors to participate!

The CFA Foundation will be hosting a scrapbooking area in their booth at the CFA World Show. During the show, we will be asking exhibitors to visit our booth and create a scrapbook page for your special cat or your cattery.  Bring along a photo or two to include on your page, or a business card --  and we will provide everything else you need to put together a memorable page!   Pages can be as plain, or as decorative, as you choose to make them.  Beside the basic colorful scrapbook page, we will have all the necessities to decorate your page - a variety of patterned papers, stickers with cat sayings, ribbon, feathers, flowers, etc., etc., etc. 

Start thinking now about which photo to bring, and what you want to say on your individual page. If you prefer to create a page at home and bring it with you, by all means, do so.  

We look forward to having a lot of fun - and creativity - happening in our booth at the World Show! After the show, the Memory Book will be on display at the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance so that all visitors can get a feel for the 2012 CFA World Show.  Be one of those memories!

Our Sincere Thanks to Recent Donors!

Cat CarrierThe CFA Foundation has recently received donations of:
  • Ceramic & plush doll figurines, from Barbara Black
  • 1950's era cat carrier, from Cindy Cappa-Madore
  • A collection of magazines, from Tippi Parmerter
  • Maneki Neko & Japanese items, from David Mare
  • Three signed books, from local Ohio author Mary Lu Warstler
  • Postcard collection, from an anonymous donor
  • "Prudence Peppermitten" cat doll, from Glenna Moore
  • FInancial donation from the Golden West Cat Club
We thank them all for their generosity!

How to Find the Cat Museum ..

The Feline Historical Museum is located at 260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH. Driving directions are available on Google Maps.

The museum is open to the public on Tuesday - Friday from 10am to 4pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 12pm. There is no admission fee, but donations are gratefully accepted. 
If you have a group or tour that would like to visit, please make advance arrangements by email to or by phone 330-680-4444 (during museum hours.)
Special Displays - We currently have the Maneki Neko Special Collection exhibit, as well as an exhibit of teapots on display.  

Thanks to those who adopted figurines!

Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and cat clubs who have adopted a cat figurine at the museum, and continue to aid us in our fundraising efforts. 

Don Hargrove, Eve Russell, and Foot of the Rockies Cat Club for judges Marsha Ammons, Norman Auspitz, Pam Bassett, Kathy Calhoun, Barbara Jaeger, Darrell Newkirk, Diana Rothermel, Betty White and Bob Zenda.  
You, too, can still participate and adopt your own cat figurine! A tax deductible donation to aid in our Adopt a Cat program will help us to preserve our collection for generations to come.  With over 500 cats in our collection, there are many for you to choose from.   Full details can be found on our web site.

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