On 25 March 3-6pm I will be hosting a new work Non-existent activity outside the capitalistic time.

It's part of Swallowsfeet Festival which runs 20-25 March at the Old Market, Brighton.
The work is the latest part of my artistic research around physical, non-verbal care. I'm calling the research 'Hard Care' and through it I'm thinking about different repertoires and configurations of care.

Last year I ran a similar situation at Coventry University; a performance workshop with Counterpoint Dance Company; gave a paper at the Central School for Speech and Drama; and made a workshop performance with Francesca Cavallo at Manifesta 11 in Zurich (click on the image below to see a 3½
minute video).
You can follow the project on Tumblr and I'll also update you later in the year as things progress. 

One element I'm working on is a lexicon of care drawn from dance, kink, nursing, philosophy and larp.

I'm particularly interested in the different kinds of caring roles that people adopt or are assigned and how these show the complexity of care.

What do you think I could add to the list?

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