EpiCity Update - September 2013 - Value by Design

The EpiCity Update! 

This issue is dedicated to design. We are here to help our tenants create the space that’s best for them.  With our team of designers, remodelers and builders, we are able to customize your office space to really make it yours. If you are just moving in to one of our office buildings or are already a tenant and want to change your space, we can help. We are here to help you grow your business, and we want your space meet your needs.

You know what’s best for you as well as what you want to accomplish and provide for your staff.  Our design team works with you to create a space that fits your personality and needs.  We work with you to have fun, within the restraints of the code book, of course!

You will shine through in your space and our talented team will respond to meet your needs and make it happen. 

I would love to hear from you. Please give me a call and let’s create the right designs for your office space. 

Tom Stokes

Value Engineering at EpiCity 

Value engineering is nothing new.  It began at General Electric Company during World War II. Because of the war, there were shortages of skilled labor, raw materials, and component parts. The leaders of GE looked for acceptable substitutes and noticed that these substitutions often reduced costs, improved the product, or both. What started out as an impromptu necessity was turned into a systematic process. They called their technique "value analysis".

We here at EpiCity continue the strong tradition of value engineering for our tenants. For current customers who may need to change their space to fit their growing needs, and also for tenants who are looking at our properties, we want to help them imagine what the space will look like and how it will be a perfect fit for them, their staff and their business.

We first sit down with the current or prospective tenant to discuss what they like and what they need for their business. They interact with several members of our staff including Dwayne Bowman, Director for Field Services, who oversees all facility operations and is a licensed Master Plumber and Conditioned Air Contractor.  We bring in the design team who will help with the build-out and gain all necessary permits. Then we will engage a contractor, who works closely with the designers.

The four basic steps include: information gathering, alternative creation, evaluation, and finally, the presentation, where the best alternative will be chosen and presented. Then the building begins.

EpiCity is eager to help you design and create the perfect space to meet your needs. Your personality will show through in your EpiCity office space, and we’ll have fun in the process. 

Contact tstokes@epicity.com to see how we will help you engineer more value from your commercial real estate.

Meet the Design Team!

Dana Anderson and Helena Stokes are two of our preferred interior designers. They have been working with EpiCity for several years, creating highly functional and attractive office spaces throughout the portfolio.
Helena, a designer for 25 years is registered in the state of Georgia. She has worked with previously with Godwin Associates (currently Gensler) and Carson Guest, Inc., Her design experience includes 10 years of high end law and corporate offices, banks, and over 15 years of government and tenant planning work. She was honored with a Silver award by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Georgia Chapter, for one of her EpiCity projects.
Also a state of Georgia registered designer, Dana is in her 14th year of interior design. Her prior experience with Facilitec as managing principal, offered tremendous experience is all aspects of commercial interior design and personnel management. Dana is a past president of the  International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and currently serves on its board as vice president of student affairs. She also served on the board for the Georgia Alliance of Design Professionals (GAIDP).

“The unique aspects of EpiCity’s design team is our focus on making the space perfect for our customer and also ‘wowing’ their customer and staff who will use the space every day,” says Velinda Bowman of EpiCity’s property management staff. While there is always a tension between the cost and utility of the space, EpiCity’s client landlord’s most often flex toward pleasing the tenant. They believe that ultimately that leads to higher levels of tenant retention, renewals, and profitability – for everyone. 
As the design team works with tenants gathering information regarding their space needs, they constantly probe for ways to make the space work best and still have that “wow” factor. As they prepare the space plans and construction documents they consult with various members of the construction and mechanical teams to optimize and value engineer the plans. Helena, Dana and all the EpiCity designers are great resources for any and all tenant build out related questions and pride themselves in making the tenant's planning process with EpiCity organized, pleasant and productive.

For more information about the design team at EpiCity, please call 770-457-2300.
“We are a specialty medical practice with pretty specific design needs.  Dana was 99% right on her initial design plan for our new office in Wall Street Conyers.  She did a great job getting it right the first time, saving us time and money.  EpiCity’s design team met our timeframe, was prompt, responsive, efficient, and effective.  With nine offices throughout metropolitan Atlanta, we have worked with quite a few designers and we are very pleased with the work of EpiCity.”
-Paul Lucas, CFO/Administrator, for Georgia Retina, PC

Market Tip: Freshening Up Your Office Space

What are some of the hottest trends in freshening up your office space?  We’ve gathered five ways to re-energize your surroundings.
  1. Paint: Don’t be afraid of color. Color is your friend.
  2. Carpet Design Squares:  Have you seen them? FLOR is an innovative system of carpet squares that you assemble to create custom rugs, runners or wall to wall designs in any shape and size.
  3. Plants: Orchids are a personal favorite of EpiCity’s. Or buy fresh flowers once a week to amplify the energy in your office space, particularly in your reception area.
  4. Hanging Pendant Lights: These ceiling light fixtures light points of artwork and add beauty to any room. They come in many different sizes and designs. We suggest adding them to your conference room.
  5. Fountains:  A small fountain, with five sets of water drops, adds a sense of peace and tranquilty to your reception area. 
To request a design consultation for a minor sprucing up of your space or a complete remodel simply email Service@EpiCity.com and one of the design team members will be pleased to serve you.

Be sure to read more tips on how to freshen up your office space on our website.
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