Bible Reading for October 16, 2013
Psalm 136

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
Psalm 136:1


Give thanks to the LORD!You may have said the words hundreds, even thousands of times. You may have said the words multiple times a day for as long as you can remember. But, how often have you thought about what the words mean? Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.

The words are simple enough, but the full impact of their meaning goes beyond our comprehension. Give thanks to the Lord. Giving thanks is something we all understand. Showing gratitude when someone has done something for us is the way many of us were raised. In this case, though, the thanks go directly to God himself. The word for God here translated "Lord" is actually the personal name for the one true God himself. It's sometimes spelled out "Yahweh." This name emphasizes the fact that this is the God who is faithful in his love and true to his promises.

For he is good. What an understatement! God is good is liking saying that Mount Everest is high or the ocean is deep. We cannot fathom his goodness. He is good to us in keeping us living and breathing. He gives us food and clothing and shelter. He provides for us daily with what we need. He provides for us richly giving us so many things we don't need. But most of all, he is good in sending his Son to save us from our sins. That's really what the last words of the verse are about.

His love endures forever. God shows his love to us in many ways, but chiefly in giving his Son. At just the right time, Jesus came to save us. He lived the perfect life which we fall so far short of. He suffered and died to pay the price all of our sins owed. He rose again to guaranteed our home in heaven has been bought and paid for. This love is not something that runs out, that changes with the whims of people or the commands of governments. No, his love endures. It lasts. And we have all eternity, a never-ending supply of tomorrows, to thank our God for his goodness to us.

So think about his phrase the next time you pray it. Savor it. Remember God and his love guaranteed forever in his Son.


Heavenly Father, my Lord, I give you thanks. You are good. You love me, even when I was unlovable. You sent your Son to win me life for you now and life with you forever. I thank you with all that I am and all that I have. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

+Equipping God's People+

-->  Needed - Members Engaged in Ministry!

At our last voters' meeting, the church council presented a plan for the future of St. John's. Now is where you all come in: we'd like to hear from you! What do you think of the plan, what other thoughts, opinions, or ideas to you have from it? Well, you'll have your chance to let us know at one of the upcoming cottage meetings. We had a great turnout at the first meeting this past week. But we'd love to hear from even more of you. We hope one of the following remaining meetings will work with your schedule:

  • Sunday, October 27th at about 11:45am in the gym after the blended service
  • Monday, October 28th at 10:30am in the sanctuary at the church downtown
  • Monday, November 11th at 6:30pm in the school music room
Keep these meetings in your minds and in your prayers in the coming weeks!

-->  MEN'S Bible Study

- is now twice a month.  That's right.  We're now meeting on the first AND last Saturdays of the Month.  So we'll meet again next a week from Saturday, October 26th, at the M&M Lunch in Two Rivers for our 7:30 AM Breakfast and Bible study.  We're currently looking at "Very Important Chapters in the Bible."  Please help get the word out to the men of our congregation.  And if you are among them, please consider joining us on Saturday.  You'll get to know your God better, your church family better - and find yourself better equipped to face the day as a man of God!

+St. John's, Facebook & Outreach+

Many people are surprised to find out that St. John's has a facebook page.  Don't let yourself be one of them!  Consider "liking" St. John's page or passing word of its existence to family or friends.  This will greatly increase the free advertising and Gospel reach of our congregation.  Finally, please consider passing the devotion above to someone who could use it.  This devotion now goes out to 72 email addresses, as well as being posted to our Facebook page.  You can also pass this signup form on to them so they can opt in themselves to receive this devotional mailing each week.  Use the link below to LIKE our St. John's Facebook page and these devotions.  It is a simple way to get the Word out!

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