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May 2021


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How Roots Become Fruits

Education is entwined with every aspect of our post war recovery goals.  We teach basic sanitation in rural villages, various agriculture topics, and business practices, to name a few.

Providing school supplies to students has always been one of the primary goals of our mission trips.  We take notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc., along with backpacks and uniforms when we can. 

In recent years we’ve also begun ramping up our assistance to teachers.  In 2016 we focused on the Emmanuel Clinic preschool. We arrived in that classroom loaded with fun activities to do with the students.

 At one point during our visit, we asked one of the teachers for a pen.  She took out a Pringles can and shook out her entire classroom supplies. 

Did you catch that?  The entirety of the school’s supplies were in a potato chip can.  They included a pencil stub, a couple small pieces of white chalk, and one pen. We felt so humbled realizing that most American children start their first days of school with bags of supplies—many, many times over what these teachers had in their school.  

A few months later, Hope 2 One Life purchased a preschool curriculum and paid all expenses for the three teachers to attend a training school in Tanzania (Joshua Foundation).

We knew we wanted to expand our efforts to include the young children in other villages. There were few if any teachers in these locations and no one to carry the torch, until Nadine met Betty.  

Devoted to teaching the children with whatever resources she had, Betty was our rising star and the next link forward in our Education goals.  Betty was determined to finish her personal education and become a certified Ugandan teacher.  Her heart for the children truly impressed us, and we decided to sponsor her so that she could accomplish her degree more quickly.  Betty is now one of our teacher-leaders as we begin our next phase.

We searched for curriculums and teacher training programs within Uganda, so that teachers could attend training closer to home.  We found the “Roots to Fruits” christian curriculum and the amazing group of American educators who has painstakingly written this enriched program to complement the Ugandan regulations.  

Our friends, Kathy and Phyllis, raised the funds to purchase many of the literature books and other materials.  They delivered them to Uganda in early March 2020.   We were ready to begin launching this big new project, when COVID-19 halted most everything.  Please read Kathy’s article about their adventure in Uganda at the beginning of the pandemic.

In the ensuing months, while the world waited for the pandemic to pass,  Hope 2 One Life and Agape Community Foundation for Development (ACFD) continued to build our new Training Center.  Great amounts of progress has been completed.  We are not finished.  Funds for the multi-purpose building still need to be raised.  In the meantime, large tents have been procured so that we can continue all the trainings throughout the PRESM model.  

We also were able to send ten teachers from five villages to a recent “Roots to Fruits” training course in March of this year.  

As the world begins to open back up, Hope 2 One Life is excited to be starting the next phase of our education development for Ugandan children and their teachers.  

                    - Ranae Parker, Teacher, volunteer and H20 Board member

Our connection with the trainer and developer of this program, Therese MacFarlane, runs deep for many years and it was a blessing she is back in Uganda furthering her call to mission and training teachers through the grace of God.

Neighborhood Connections
My association with Hope 2 One Life began with a neighborhood connection.  Board member, Sue Hart, had moved across the street and we began connecting.  As I grew to know Sue better, she shared that her sister had started a non-profit in Uganda, which piqued my interest as I have a long and enduring love for the continent.  I volunteered with Sue to sell Ugandan crafts made the northern villages that Hope 2 One Life sponsors at a summer street fair and attended her “open house” where Sue sold crafts following a trip to Northern Uganda.  All the crafts were of such high quality, which Sue spoke of with love and care.  
Then Sue excitedly told me one day that Hope 2 One Life was extending their mission to include an education and teacher training arm.  It was at that point that my interest really surged as I had taught for 36 years and recently retired.  I learned more about the thoughtful way Hope 2 One Life planned to roll out this process, beginning with 4 – 6 year-old children, training teachers and providing materials.  It was right up my alley and I wanted to help.  Travel is a passion of mine and what better way to incorporate travel than with teaching? 
Our friends and family were amazingly generous so we were able to raise more money than even we had hoped.  I also contacted a local children’s book store, A Children’s Place, who discounted each book, sourced them and had them ready for us to buy quickly.  Another friend, Neonta Bell, took all the books home and recruited one of her friends to cover each book with clear contact paper to extend durability.  I then went to several local businesses sharing the story of Hope 2 One Life and received additional donations.  We put together gift bags for each teacher as hard work deserves some pampering.  We sourced and purchased supplies, paper, markers, individual backpacks for the children and much more.  
I privately purchased an additional book, pocket charts for staff and wrote lesson plans.  I made teaching materials and offered to provide some additional literacy instruction to the teachers while there.  We were going to Uganda ready to teach, share and learn reciprocally.  
On March 9th, my dear friend Phyllis and I flew to Entebbe, Uganda with our materials and supplies.  We were met the day after arrival by staff from Hope 2 One Life and transferred our tubs filled to the brim.  It was our intension to travel for two weeks in country then spend two weeks in the villages.  But as our time in Uganda unfolded, Covid 19 raged on.  Uganda swiftly and wisely put into place handwashing measures everywhere and other hygiene care as able.  But, the virus was spreading so rapidly, the President had no choice but to order a lockdown and shut down the airport.  Hastily, Phyllis and I secured one of the last flights to return home but happy with the knowledge that the book and materials were in safe hands.

The tubs and supplies were recently distributed during teacher training and were received with much joy!

                                 - Kathee Davis, Teacher and volunteer
                                             Fruits of their labor
 THANKS to ALL of YOU!!  The community kitchen is funded!  What a difference YOU have made!
We are currently fundraising for the Agape Training Center and Farm multi purpose training building.  Approx $20,000 is needed.  This is very important for the training center.
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