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Christmas Newsletter

Seasons Greetings!

As Christmas approaches, the true light of the season shines.  Amid the hardships, fear, sickness and even death, during this unprecedented time, I am truly amazed how the holy spirit can and has supplied strength and resilience, loving kindness, gratitude and healing. Yes, healing... for you, for me, for we are all God's children. Thanks be to God for YOU, our faithful friends and family, supporters, volunteers and sponsors who have been a beacon of hope to so many across the world, inspiring the spread of love and joy. Through Him all things are possible.  Hope 2 One Life is eternally grateful. This holiday season also brings a time of reflection, on humble beginnings...of past wars... of the perpetual struggle to survive for so many...of life, love, opportunities to learn and the hope of leaving a legacy...a better life for one's children.  One silent night, a child is born....our world is changed forever.  
Inspired by humble beginnings, our call to mission is to give hope and a hand up to the war torn areas of Northern Uganda. One Life. One Village. At a time. 
The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), formed in 1987, is a rebel self-proclaimed Christian guerrilla army. The LRA is accused of widespread human rights violations, including mutilation, a number of massacres, torture, rape, the abduction of 30,000 civilians and the use of child soldiers. 1.7 million people were internally displaced into camps. The LRA war spanned over 21 years, although no longer active and the people dispersed back to their original land, the devastation of the Acholi people and the destruction of Acholi culture is heart wrenching. 

Hope 2 One Life board members and mission volunteers have come to know and love many wonderful people over many years who were impacted heavily by this horrible war. They have welcomed us and asked us to become involved in their community to foster unity, mentorship and trainings.  
With YOUR amazing support Hope 2 One Life began a self-sufficient and sustainable process to provide clean water, improve health, support education, agricuture, vocational and business training and give hope to people in need, while sharing the love of God.  Over years of listening and dialogue with the Ugandan people on the ground, in the villages and through pilot projects, Hope 2 One Life has developed and shown success with PRESM:  Post War, Recovery, Empowerment and Sustainability Model
Hope 2 One Life currently partners with a Ugandan organization, Agape Community Foundation for Development (ACFD), we helped develop in 2017.  It is an honor to work with Terence Acaye, Director (formerly the founder of the Kitgum Infant Orphan Care Center), our trusted friend, who has spent his entire life serving humanity during the war and fostering ways to promote war recovery.  He is a nutritionist, skilled in village health, accounting, community unity and more. After several years of implementation of the PRESM model in a number of villages, the circle of development is opening with the new Agape Training Center and Farm! This a huge step forward to be able to have hands on comprehensive trainings on site...and then COVID - 19 emerged.  Nonetheless, as you have seen in our prior December News, progress has occured in the pandemic, showing amazing faith and resilience of the war torn Ugandan people, by the grace of God! 

Stay tuned for more on the Agape Training Center and Farm, as well as the amazing story of our farm manager, in our next newsletter! 

Meanwhile, below is a small glimpse of the humble impact and ripple effect of all of your support and the efforts of many, over the years.
Have a very Merry and blessed Christmas!
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