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with Liz Dutton and Nadine Hart
PART 1 by Liz Dutton
“The most impactful story was when we visited our first village….Kweyo.  The welcome when we arrived just warmed my heart. Just sitting back and watching the village health team trainers reiterating proper handwashing and brushing their teeth, brought me to the realization of the needs of so many that we don’t realize. I felt so privileged to be there and enjoyed their dancing they performed for us. It took my breath away! It was so beautiful! Then, I was asked to pass out the chewable vitamins to the children, soap and toothbrushes, mosquito nets, ….  and I truly felt like I was really helping. Watching their sweet faces as I was blowing bubbles and pressing stickers on their hands just warmed my heart even more. We were presented with some gifts before we left and I truly felt honored. Everyone was so welcoming and loving and that set the tone for the rest of the most amazing trip of a lifetime.”  ~ Liz
The following is a summary of our fabulous (and busy) travels.
It took us a couple days to arrive due to a missed fight connection but once we arrived we were non-stop on the go. We started in Kampala meeting with the DRACO water well drilling company to discuss the upcoming solar water well project at the Agape Training Center and Farm, which was super exciting. Enjoyed picking out fabric for the Katamarwa women’s tailoring group and shopping for supplies at the Market.
We then delivered the fabrics, donated reading glasses, sewing scissors, pins and more to the ladies. Had a great time checking out our new order of purses and aprons.  Next we stopped at Grace's shop in the Gulu Market for more amazing handmade treasures. I can't wait for the Sip N See craft sale I will be hosting in October. After meeting so many of the wonderful people these crafts benefit it means even more to support their small businesses.
Our first long trip was to Kweyo village. We were greeted by everyone singing as we walked into the village. I listened to the new Village Health workers trained teach on hygiene and malaria prevention. We visited the well drilled during the pandemic and presented the appointed water board team with their World Water Day T shirt. What a proud and rewarding moment. 
Attended church service at Rosa Mystica Rest Home, joined them for a lovely breakfast afterward and had amazing conversations with Sr Vincentina. They have all been through quite a bit with the LRA war and I felt blessed to be with them.
So excited to be at the Agape Training Center and Farm for a week. The farm is starting to thrive with the maze grinding, fishery, piggery, goats, nursery school and trainings. It is so wonderful to see all the children learning the Roots to Fruits curriculum. The teachers teach them in English and they learn so quickly. I had an amazing time working with the children for a couple days teaching them art projects. They were so sweet. We all had so much fun together. 

Many villagers came from far and wide to attend the wonderful opening for the very first trainings at the Agape Farm that included Farming God's Way and a refresher for the Village Health Teams (VHT). We also enjoyed picking vegatables that we served for dinner in the new dining area. 
There was a community social gathering at the farm for everyone in the area with approximately 100 in attendance.  The village leaders spoke of the impact of the pandemic on everyone and updated Hope 2 One Life with their current needs. Nadine spoke with the villagers at length. The children sang for all and after a meal together, there was a Sharing The Love of Jesus movie. They were all so grateful and thankful. The love between all is so heartwarming. What a wonderful gathering.  I truly felt so special to be a part of it.

Irene, the Awere side by side VHT member and nurse passed out the female hygiene kits with me as well. The women were overjoyed to recieve these.  

Thank you all so much who donated monitarily for items we were able to purchase. Also sincere thanks to those that  provided supplies, gifts and special needs. We delivered everything to all these wonderful people and they were so, so grateful.

Then we traveled to FEM Farm. It was so lovely. Met with the VHT’s in the Emmanuel clinic and they were so happy to reconnect with Nadine since her last visit before the pandemic.
We toured their new school and the rest of the farm property and was amazed with how beautiful everything is.
Traveled to Kampala Village and was thrilled to see how well their farming is doing. The women took the Farming God’s Way training seriously and it has paid off. Their maize was a couple feet above my head! We had fun dancing with them and as we concluded our visit, they gave Nadine a rooster as a thank you gift.
I can not express enough how thankful and grateful I am to have been able to go on this amazing trip. I met such lovely people that will be a part of my life going forward. I look forward to visiting again and continuing with any volunteering needs.

A special note to Terrance, Denis and Bosco... you all made this trip so amazing with all your help and assistance. You all are truly wonderful and may God continue to bless you all. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

And to my dearest friend Nadine...  You are an angel and thank you for including me in this trip. I will continue to do anything to help in Uganda and Hope 2 One Life!  
 +Peace and Blessings,
~ Liz
Meet Rabunga Keny. He was not expected to live shortly after he was born and held in the arms of Cheryl on a trip in 2006. He has been sponsored since. He has struggled with health issues yet worked very very hard and earned his first bicycle with good grades!  He is now in secondary school.  5 villages now have nursery schools started and with this visit, have expressed needs for further school supplies, teacher books, bibles, more chairs, chaulkboards and even metal roofs for the bricks they plan to make to replace these stick and thatch made schools that are unsuitable especially when it rains.  Palabek and Kweyo village are in very remote parts of Northern Uganda with limited resource, it is a privilege to partner with them and learn how we can come alongside to provide access to early education for their children in their village for the very first time. Further follow up training with the phonics and Roots 2 Fruits curriculum planned for all teachers and school in Jan 2023. 

Approximately $700 needed. 
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