GQ #018 - Feb 06.22
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What do you call this?

When what you do isn't broadly known or easily described trying to provide a sound bite answer creates pressure and awkwardness. Has this ever happened to you? 

The work that I'm doing is perhaps broadly considered productivity, and yet it's so cutting edge that it feels uncomfortable trying to put it in this bucket... it just doesn't look right. I've started to play with calling it "alternative productivity" which differentiates it and seems to give an overview while creating curiosity about what that actually means.

I see it as a modern and natural approach to productivity, one that goes against the grain of what I call "traditional productivity".

This is absolutely necessary and incredibly important to break new ground here because of all the people who want to make a change and the old systems, advice, tools and hacks haven't worked for them. In fact, traditional productivity often goes a step further and provides the message, "if this doesn't work for you, there's something wrong with you." 🙄 ugh!  

If you start Monday with great intentions to get your idea started and by Friday are feeling guilty and frustrated that another week has gone by without doing what you said you were going to do and you've been doing this for over six months I don't think you need to research another time management hack. I don't think you need a better planner. And I don't think you need to find a better system for tracking your to-dos.  If this is you your caught in a productivity trap.

With my work the first step is to throw time management out the window. Because, how many times have you planned something and it didn't happen?  
Has that happened to you? 

Planning everything out doesn't guarantee that you're going to follow-through on things. Time blocking doesn't help you feel ready. And another list of to-dos isn't going to get you past the overwhelm. That's because there is so much more involved in taking your wildly important ideas from start to finish that no one is talking about. 

I'm excited to be this new voice pioneering a way forward, creating productivity with a purpose for modern women with a dream they want to make reality. 

And figuring out.... what do you call this?    

On a related note...

The upcoming workshop will be going more in-depth and registration opens today! 
Yes, it's online there will be a replay if you can't attend live. You'll learn how to beat procrastination and finally start to take action without more time management. Sign up!

A good question...

What is something I have difficulty describing? 
What makes it difficult to describe?

Until next Sunday,
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