GQ #018 - Jan 30.22
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When It's Too Much

It's been a long time since my days and weeks have been full, since I've felt this under the gun, since there's been so much to keep up with. Honestly, for years I've held extra space to allow for ease and generosity - not every day or week, though more than 80% consistently. 

Currently, however,  I've taken on a coaching project with another company and I'm in the process of bringing my own new idea into the world in February (see more info below) and it is requiring a lot of new learning from me. And in the midst of that my son, Chae needed his appendix out... so there's that. Plus regular life.  

It's a lot.  
And I could tell you that I'm doing it all, and while that would be true, the thing is I don't want to be doing it all.  It doesn't feel awesome, in fact it feels unsustainable.

I know a lot of women who go on like this for weeks and months (and years!) in what I call distracted and default mode where they feel overwhelmed and behind. And while they have these ideas that feel important, they can't seem to get started on them because there's always another priority that bumps their idea to the back burner. 

And I get it! It's ridiculously easy to slide into this mode when there is so much you could be doing - I mean the connectivity and accessibility of so much information and each other provides an abundance of opportunities. Plus there are a lot of demands that come with said connectivity and opportunities and it can feel like much of what you do (all?) is for others. 

I can tell you that you can prevent yourself from moving into this distracted and default mode in order to stay connected to what matters to you and what you want to be creating in the world... and then you can slide again. 

The sustainable solution is to develop a key skill and practice catching yourself in the slide earlier so that you don't have to reach the bottom before you bounce back. So much disease and illness is not catching the slide. Please know that being in distracted and default mode isn't a conscious choice you make, it's something that you get wrapped up in without noticing.

Do you know what it looks like when you're in distracted and default mode?
I'd love to hear from you in a reply.   

Mine are that I start to say no to things that fuel me in in the long-term. I get myopic and focus on short-term "gain" often sacrificing my long-term resources, like health, energy, and relationships.  This looks like fewer hikes and less quality time with those I love (yes, that means you!) and I become less present trying to do two or more things at once.

I also move into fear and self-doubt - I question my decisions, even those that seemed like a no-brainer and actions that felt simple before become more complicated to follow-through on.      

What's even more critical then knowing your signals is how you respond.
And if you haven't identified this, my friend, it is downright impossible to move to an aligned and active mode, one where you can sustainably follow-through on your wildly important ideas without neglecting your loved ones and without burning out. 

You may be curious about my response, which is of course directly connected to what I need right now, so it has meant hiring support both at home and in my business, getting clear on my next steps, scheduling time with family and friends, and going to bed early. Plus deeply trusting myself and what I'm capable of when I keep the vision of my wildly important idea on the front burner.  


On a related note...

You're invited to my first live workshop called: The ONE LITTLE SKILL You Need to Finally Take Your Idea from Start to Finish (No! It's NOT Time Management!)

If you have an idea or a project that's been waiting for you and the productivity advice and hacks aren't working, then I'd love for you to save the date - Tues, Feb 22nd at 10am PST. 

I'm aiming to have the registration form ready soon, but if you already know you want to be there to learn all the things no one's talking about, just reply to this email and I'll make sure you get the details.    

In other words...

"It's not about what you can sustain, but rather what sustains you."

A good question...

What does it looks like when I'm in distracted and default mode?

Until next Sunday,
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