GQ #011 - May 09.21
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Helpful and Harmful Ways to Define Success

Defining success is a tool, and like any tool, we can use it in harmful or helpful ways.

Here are some ways that you can determine if your definition of success is slipping you up or fueling you forward -

❌ Harmful - Don’t define success for yourself and float in search of "right" or "enough".

✅ Helpful - Define success and in doing so, decide how to move forward and what’s enough.

❌ Harmful - Allow others to define success for you. Hand the tool over to someone else to use at their discretion and in ways that reflect their values.

✅ Helpful - Take responsibility for defining success in a way that reflects what’s most important to you.

❌ Harmful - Use your definition of success as a tool to whip and criticize yourself.

✅ Helpful - Use your definition of success as a tool to elicit learning and celebrate growth.

❌ Harmful - Define success solely on results, outcomes or arrival at a destination.

✅ Helpful - Identify what successful progress, process, or journey looks like.

❌ Harmful - Equate your personal success with the success of a project or role.

✅ Helpful - Separate your success as a person from the success of a project or role.

You have lots of places where you can redefine success for yourself. Start with one small project or action and define success with these helpful tips and see what a difference it can make.

In other words...

"We have such a limited view of what we consider
an accomplished life that we devalue many qualities
that are critically of the most
important conversations we can have with our children
is what we mean by success."
- Alina Tugend

"I want to define success by redefining it.
For me, it isn't that solely mythical definition -
glamour, allure, power of wealth, and the privilege from care.
Any definition of success should be personal
because it's so transitory. It's about shaping my own destiny."
- Anita Roddick

A good question...

How do I want to define success? 
How do I want success to define me? 

Until next Sunday,
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