GQ #010 - May 02.21
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The Practice of Becoming

I wish that keeping what’s meaningful and important on top of mind would be easy.
It feels like it should be natural. And it’s not.

Not unless you’ve designed it as part of a practice, your practice of becoming.

How often have you had an insight, something struck you, and then you did nothing about it? You found a truism, or you learned something about yourself and you say, “That’s how I want to be. That’s how I want to frame my life. From now on I’m going to live by this.”

Then as quickly as it came, it’s gone.
Your default patterns holding in place the way things have always been. 

Often, the week passes and those ideas that matter remain on the to-do list. From here, the typical response is to berate and belittle yourself, so that you’ll actually do it next time. Then months (and maybe years) pass with those projects and ideas about what would really make a difference remain as something that will happen one day.

You’ve broken your promise to yourself so many times, that you no longer believe you’ll do it. This dearth of self-trust becomes a burden, a weight that results in mental and emotional drag, slowing you down and zapping your energy day after day. 

Becoming something different takes more than a flash of knowing. It will require more than motivation to move you to completion. 
It requires deliberate practice.

A practice of building a mindset and a healthy and trusting relationship with yourself. One where you can count on you to do the things you say are important. 


On a related note...

The last thing I want is for the creative ambitious women I know to look back on their life with regret for not doing something that was important to them.   

If your obligations and responsibilities have squeezed out quality time with your partner or family to build the relationship you want, or pursuing your passion project that fills you up, or tending to the self-care you need to keep things ticking along, then the balance is off. 

Stop trying to fit more into your time and get MORE OUT of your time. Eliminate procrastination and distraction so you can stop rushing and start enjoying.

 baking intention and focus into your day. You feel present and are making progress. The way you spend your time and energy aligns with the life you want to live.

When you eliminate procrastination and distraction you stop waiting for better circumstances and you make progress today and build momentum for tomorrow.  

This mini-program helps you:

  • Stop the procrastination that is keeping you stuck so that you can make progress on what's important
  • Identify and eliminate the two kinds of distraction so that you can tend to what really matters
  • Have the tools you need to set and maintain tender discipline around your time so you can stop being a drill sergeant and creating the momentum you want with ease
What's Included
You'll be provided with the template to clearly identify what's you want to work on and understand the root of your procrastinating.  

Then in your 90-minute coaching call you'll break down the barriers to taking action and have the tools for setting boundaries with others (and yourself!). You'll be able to manage your expectations and use the life design strategies needed to move forward without resistance. 

In your 30-minute follow-up coac
hing call you'll review your progress and learning  and identify next steps to create the momentum you want.

Let's get Started!
I know how important it is to follow through on the things you say you want to do and I can help.

I have 4 spots for this personalized program at a first-time price of $99. I expect these to fill fast, so if you have a feeling that this can make a difference for you email me today

In other words...

"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing,
is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work
 of becoming yourself."
- Anna Quindlen

"We need to give up what no longer works
and find new ways of being that keep us close to what matters."
- Mark Nepo


A good question...

How will I practice becoming more of myself? 

Until next Sunday,
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