GQ #009 - Apr 25.21
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The Key to Unlock the Power of Your Knowledge

There’s a difference between knowledge and knowing.

Knowledge is facts, information, beliefs; it’s what you think about. Knowing is based on experience. Knowledge is where you begin.

However, to grow and move forward, you need to experience that knowledge in the world.

Taking action is the only way to build knowing.

Two people read a book about riding a bike and one gets on the bike and practices riding for a week. Practicing is challenging, the person falls, copes with pain and uncomfortable emotions. At the end of the week, both people have knowledge of how to ride a bike.

Only the one who applied the knowledge in the world knows how to ride a bike.
Experimentation converts it to knowing in the body.

Knowing results from doing.

You have accumulated knowledge. You've read articles and books and listened to podcasts. It's made you feel you’re accomplishing things, you're doing useful work.

If you don’t risk taking that information out for a spin in your life, it is of little value.  Courage comes before confidence.  Doing things in the world is the way to become more of who you want to be. 

Taking action is the key that unlocks the value of your new knowledge.


On a related note...

You know you want to be doing something more, something different and it's time to take action. Your life isn't waiting for you. You don't need more time or for your circumstances to change. You certainly don't need to try to shoehorn yourself into other people's systems or schedules. 

I help ambitious creative women take radical responsibility with tender discipline, and move forward with aligned action that fits their life. I have 5 spots this Spring. 

You can design your life with intention and create days that reflect your values.
Let's connect for a half-hour call and see if coaching is a fit for you.  

In other words...

"There is something wonderfully bold and liberating
about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life."
- Tara Brach

"Don't wait for the perfect time or the perfect plan, there isn't one.
Rather take uncomfortable and imperfect action.
You'll figure more out by being a doer
than waiting or judging from the sidelines."
- Dean Graziosi


A good question...

Where am I holding myself back by not taking action?  

Until next Sunday,
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