Lester says Happy Belated Hannukah! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
Photo by Alex Bhattacharji
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My first holiday season in LA! Palm trees with X-mas lights—wheeeeee!

I'm very excited to say...

Confessions #3 Is
On the Way!
And...Happy Holidays!



Louise Rozett




What will the next Confessions book be called? What will the cover look like? Hopefully we'll find out in 2014!
Book #3 is coming!
I'm very excited to be working on book #3 of the Confessions series. We need to know what's happening with Jamie & Rose, right? I mean, how could he just say what he said and then walk away from her like that? Seems like they both have some explaining to do...
Anyway, thank you all for your enthusiasm and support, encouraging me to continue on! I'll get that book to you as soon as I possibly can...
Michael Lerner and me,
Hamden High School
(Thanks for finding this, Mom!
Anything Goes!
 In Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend, Rose auditions for the musical Anything Goes, and ends up in the chorus, which she is not happy about. Unlike Rose, when I auditioned for Anything Goes freshman year, I got lucky—not only did I get cast as Hope, but my leading man was the amazing senior Michael Lerner, on whom I’d had a major crush since he'd played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady when I was in 6th grade. It was a dream come true! I was thirteen, and I incurred the wrath of some upperclassmen, but to be honest, I was so ecstatic that I barely noticed (and most people were really nice about it). I love this photo—it reminds me how lucky I was to have had a great time in high school. I found something I loved doing, and it changed my life. I hope the same will be true for Rose as she heads into her junior year—she deserves it.
This isn't true yet...
but maybe someday!
Booknut101 made this poster to inspire me, using images from the U.K./Australian cover.

Thanks again to Booknut101!

I've written about Booknut101 before—she's been a fan of Rose Zarelli's since the get-go, and she's forever doing nice things for me. Well, she's outdone herself this time. She thinks that the Confessions series should be a musical! She sends me links to songs on YouTube to inspire me, and she made this poster to get the ball rolling.

I like the way you think, Booknut101—I think the Confessions series should be a musical TV show, a la Glee! Who's in? Let's do this thing!

Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, Utah
Cross Country Drive, Take 2!

At the end of September, I got to drive across the country for the second time this year! The first time was in January, with my brother and Lester, and we had a blast. The second time, I was returning the car I had borrowed for the first trip (my beloved Lola, how I miss you!), and I was with my gals Elizabeth, Frannie, and Spencer. It was awesome! We stayed at some super cool places in Temple Bar, Arizona; Hays, Kansas; St. Louis, Missouri; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But my favorite place was the Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah. The photo to the left shows the view out our window! Needless to say, I cannot wait to get back there to ride horses and hike in Arches National Park again. Spectacular!
Lester is working VERY hard this holiday season!
Making Confetti!
As you can see, Lester is gearing up for New Year's Eve, doing the environmentally correct thing and shredding paper to make his confetti. We both wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season, and when you're pondering those resolutions and goals for 2014, remember, Dream Big! That's Lester's motto for 2014, and I think I'm going to follow his example and make it mine, too.


Louise & Lester
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