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A Message from Mail Services

Effective October 12, 2015, Mail Services will process qualifying outgoing MSU packages using an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb). The barcode—created by the US Postal System to better compete with other carriers— contains detailed shipping information and data that can expedite package delivery and reduce costs. The IMpb is used for packages being shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Cost Savings
Below are examples of typical cost savings that will be realized by MSU departments.

Tracking Ability

An additional benefit of the IMpb is Mail Services' ability to automatically return a tracking number via e-mail to the customer.

Media and Library Mail
Though they don't qualify for the IMbp discounts, tracking numbers can also be returned for small volume Media and Library mailings.
A completed Service Request is required for each mail piece, so tracking information will not be available for large volume Media or Library mailings.

For Mail Services to be able to process packages using an IMpb, a completed Service Request is required for each mail piece. The Service Request must contain the entire mailing address and the sender's e-mail for returning the tracking number. Note that if the address provided does not pass Address Validation, the mail piece will ship at the retail rate.

When completing the Service Request, click the Service Type drop down and select IMpb Priority or IMpb Media/Library (Tracking Only/Small Volume).

A link to the Service Request can be found on the Mail Services page of the University Services website.

Questions related to the IMpb should be directed to Mail Services at
(517) 884-6084 or  

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