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Welcome to the first edition 2017 of AluDrive, the automotive and transport newsletter from the European Aluminium sponsored by Aleris, AMAG, Arconic, Constellium, Hydro, Novelis, Raffmetal, Rio Tinto, SAPA and Trimet.
The European Aluminium industry is continuously investing to meet growing demand

The demand for aluminium Auto Body Sheet is growing fast and the European Aluminium industry is prepared to support OEM's in executing their lightweight vision. An internal European Aluminium survey shows:
  • Auto Body Sheet capacity will increase by 65% over the next two years
  • More than EUR 1.1 bn invested in ABS capacity over the past 10 years
  • Continuous investments & efforts in technology for innovative aluminium solutions
  • Ability to cope with continuously increasing product requirements increasing (customer specification, long validation processes & seasonality)
However, in order to maximise speed and success, long term cooperation between OEMs and Aluminium suppliers will make the difference.
  • Shorter validation processes
  • Seamless launch of new models
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3D module showcases innovative aluminium solutions for the automotive industry
A first-of-its-kind application has been launched by Constellium to browse through the array of its aluminium product offerings available for the automotive sheet and extrusions market. Through vivid 3D visualizations, automotive stakeholders can easily understand the variety of aluminium uses in a car. Recently at ALUMINIUM 2016 World Trade Fair, the Company also offered a new virtual reality experience allowing visitors to explore through Virtual Reality glasses its virtual aluminium car.

The interactive module is available here as well as on the Apple store and on Google Play under the name “Constellium automotive products”.

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Step change to advanced automotive recycling

Boosting the use of aluminium, automotive press shops are stamping lots of sheet parts – and also create scrap. Hydro now works on a step change for efficient recovery. 

5xxx and 6xxx aluminium alloys are mainly used to produce light, high-performing car body components – and clear, efficient sorting for re-use of production scrap is a major challenge. It shall be overcome in cooperation with a US-based expert whose technology, based on laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), brings advantages compared to other configurations and has already shown good test results.

It will be further developed in a new pilot sorting facility at the R&D center in Bonn before being expanded for full scale industrial use.

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Development of the first-ever automotive aluminium brake line using a high-strength aluminium alloy

The normal volume of a brake line in a light vehicle is around 12-14 meters. By replacing steel with aluminium in this component, car manufacturers can shed around 600 grams of the approximately 1 kilogram of weight.
The high-strength aluminium alloy, combined with a proprietary designed production process and line-connection design, brings optimized mechanical properties toward brake line requirements.
The new solution has passed tests toward OEM specifications, including vibration, burst, torque, leak, coating adhesion and corrosion.

The innovation is part of Sapa’s strategy to use its global expertise to identify new components where aluminium can be used to make cars lighter, safer and more efficient, such as brake line.

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New high formable Aluminium alloy achieves new level of design freedom for automakers
The new heat treatable alloy Novelis AdvanzTM e200 is designed specifically for the automotive industry with its challenging designs demanding ever higher levels of formability. It is offering improved formability of up to 10% when compared to conventional products grants automakers a new freedom in shape and design rendering high forming geometries. It is recommended for production of complex inner and outer components such as body sides, deck lids and closure inner panels.

The successful implementation of this alloy has already been demonstrated and reliably used in high volume production: The all new Porsche Panamera features a body side panel that incorporates a far more aggressive and dynamic design than its predecessor; this alloy can also be found in the door inner of the new Aston Martin DB11.

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Image Caption: Aston Martin DB11 with Novelis AdvanzTM e200 (Source: Aston Martin)
Skoda builds a new press shop for Aluminium Body parts

Skoda is building a new press shop at its main plant in Mladá Boleslav and the installation of the press line for the main production line is currently under way with trial operation due soon.

It is one of around 20 facilities of its kind in the Volkswagen Group, and also enables the pressing of large aluminium parts for the first time. In February, 2017, Skoda's first press line for aluminium body parts will be in full operation– where up to 23,000 press parts will be produced for several models every day. On this project, Skoda has spent EUR 86.4m (US$108.3m) and created 140 new jobs. The automaker will be operating the new press shop in 12-hour shifts around the clock, seven days a week, with more than 1,000 employees.
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4 weeks until the 14th International Aluminium Recycling Congress kicks off!

The 14th International Aluminium Recycling Congress
, with the theme “Recycling at its best: the circular economy opportunity”, is looking ahead at the main challenges and opportunities for the aluminium recycling sector over the coming years. This event will cover key topics relating to market trends, innovative technologies, evolution of the aluminium content in cars and the latest political developments in the field of aluminium recycling and the circular economy.

More than 100 people have already registered!

Confirmed keynote speakers among others include: Adrian Tautscher from Jaguar Land Rover, Roland Scharf-Bergmann from Norsk Hydro ASA, Prof. Geoff Scamans from Brunel University London and Werner Fragner from AMAG Austria Metall GmbH.
Visit the Congress website for more information.
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