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Welcome to the September 2015 edition of AluDrive, the automotive newsletter from European Aluminium sponsored by Alcoa, Aleris, AMAG, Constellium, Hydro, Novelis and Rio Tinto Alcan.

Aluminium, the perfect material to keep you safe

Aluminium is the perfect solution for light and safe vehicles. At equal safety aluminium structural components can be made up to 40% lighter than steel. Light-weight aluminium also makes vehicles easier to handle and shortens braking distances, thereby helping to avoid accidents in the first place. And even if a crash happens, the lower weight of aluminium reduces the crash energy which must be absorbed during an accident. This minimises the overall impact and damage caused by a crash.

Watch this video and find out why aluminium is the best choice for safe transport.


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Lightweight and crash-safe with Novelis aluminium

Safety is one of the key buying criteria for consumers when looking to purchase a new car.
The automotive industry is creating vehicles that offer fuel efficiency without compromising safety, performance, or comfort. Aluminum offers automakers the opportunity to design and manufacture safe, high-performance, energy-efficient, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly vehicles. One example is the new Ford F-150 which received a top five star rating from the NHTSA and fulfills all above mentioned criteria.

Looking further ahead, removing the human error from driving would allow OEMs to think beyond current passive safety requirements, focus on driver experience attributes  and design lighter and more energy-efficient vehicles.

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New product complements Constellium safety solutions offer

An excellent lightweighting solution as it combines high strength after paint bake or dedicated post-forming heat treatment and very high ductility in service.

The most recent addition to the product family with much higher strength (>220 MPa after paint bake, >270 MPa after specific post forming heat-treatment).

It may be used after paint bake or with a post-forming heat treatment and may generate a lightweighting of 20% in comparison with 5754 0 temper. and of 35% vs. DP600 steel. It is also formable and joinable with conventional techniques. Its in-service durability fulfills the best standards. Finally, in case of crash, the structural component will deform on a ductile manner, without exhibiting any unexpected crack.

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Breakthrough in Lightweight Body Construction

With AMAG TopForm® UHS, AMAG developed an ultra high strength sheet for warm forming of lightweight automotive components. In close cooperation with leading automotive manufacturers and innovative tier-1 suppliers, an optimized lightweight construction material for aerospace applications is now being used in cars. The new BMW i8 is one application where it is used for the side impact beam. It combines low weight, strength, extremely high energy absorption capacity, excellent formability, and recyclability.
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Highly formable sheet helps BMW 7 Series lose weight

BMW 7 Series just debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its reported weight reduction by 130 kg against the preceding generation also benefits from new and optimized aluminium alloys, developed by HYDRO who is a leading supplier for the new car.

These new alloys – foremost the proprietary 6960-E alloy type – provide particularly high formability to sheet for several body parts: the outer and inner hood, outer side panels, outer and inner front doors, outer roof and outer tailgate, which additionally contributes to extra safety for both 7 Series: short and long version. They had been developed with the help of the Research & Development Center in Bonn. Start of production for 7 Series was in summer this year and end of production will be expected in 2022.

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