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February, 2015 - Issue No.8

Fast Flash Cards: Google Sheets & Quizlet
Flash cards are a tradition in language learning. The trouble is, initially creating flash cards can be extremely time-consuming.  There is, however, a faster way.  You can use Google Sheets with Quizlet to create custom sets of flash cards in about two minutes.  Here's a video to show you how.  

Web Corp Live - Online Web Concordancer
Do you want quick, clear language samples to show students how words are used in real contexts?  WebCorp Live concordances web text and displays results in a "Key Word In Context" (KWIC) format. The KWIC formate enables easy linguistic comparisons.  Want more info?  Have a look at the Guide, and give WebCorp Live a test drive.  You'll be glad you did. 

Kahoot! Game the quiz.
Kahoot! is an online, game-based response system.  Teachers can quickly create and administer quizzes, surveys, or discussions, then offer immediate formative feedback based on student results. Kahoot! helps keep students engaged, and helps teachers stay aware of student understanding.    

Authentic Video with Subtitles
For language teachers and students, some great things to emerge from the crowdsourcing movement are subtitles and captions for international movies and TV shows.  Viki and Dotsub are two sites that provide subtitles with video, as well as opportunities for regular users to contribute subtitles for a wide variety of media content. With these sites, a teacher could develop a class project around subtitling a film that doesn't have any yet.  Or a class could just watch a film in the target language. Both activities are great ways to get students into contact with authentic language use. 

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