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We've been running World Alive as a separate entity for the last 15 years, and would now like to bring this very special offering to a broader group of people. We've facilitated hundreds of workshops and impacted many thousands of people's lives across South Africa.

In this increasingly demanding and turbulent world, it's becoming more and more necessary to build resilience and personal mastery awareness and skills to thrive, and not just survive.

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World Alive News 
Opportunities & Retreat Dates

  • Greetings and some insights from Debbie
  • Retreat dates and Opportunities for 2017 including a fabulous Osho, India experience
A message from Debbie                                      

Hi everyone,

2017 started at high speed with an abundance of opportunities and challenges;  and already its fair share of unexpected curve-balls - requiring loads of time and energy to deal with.  Having spent a week at a meditation resort in December, I am really committed to keeping my peace, regardless of what is going on around me.  This sometimes proves really difficult when situations or people - often unintentionally, but nonetheless powerfully, seem intent on fracturing this inner sanctum.

In the Catalyst 2017 strategy session, we came up with the intention of Conscious Responsiveness - to help guide both our moment-by-moment choices and our bigger decisions.  This requires us to continuously stay conscious of all the options and choices we have in every moment and includes asking ourselves reflective questions, such as -
  • What is the most important thing to do -today, -this morning, -this hour, -this moment?
  • What are the short- and long-term benefits and consequences of doing/not doing this or that?
  • How do I feel about this now?  How will I feel if I do this or that? 
  • What more information, time or conversations do I need to make a better decision on the big stuff?
  • How is this choice aligned with my higher intentions and goals for myself?
These questions can pertain to how you choose to look after your health and your body, how you respond to unexpected events, how you deal with feeling overwhelmed when there is just too much to do in the time available, or how you manage sometimes difficult or emotional issues in relationships - including clients or colleagues making unreasonable demands.

The effect is that our team is now reminding one another to stay in Conscious Response, or to discuss dilemmas a bit more fully in order to establish the best possible way forward;  and not to fall into the trap of our unconscious or conditioned responses - including, for example, trying to please, rescue, attack back, withdraw, avoid, postpone - out of fear or lack.....

This approach has already proved not only really interesting, but also extremely insightful in terms of getting to know each other better.  We find ourselves sticking with the topic and choices - until we can read a good win-win solution.  It has helped me, personally, stick to my morning yoga sessions, eating plan and my calmness a lot more effectively.

I look forward to sharing and learning with you in some way this year.  I hope you will join us on one of our Alive or Connect for Women retreats or get-togethers this year.  The retreats in the picturesque Drakensberg are very popular.  It's the perfect environment for reflection, recharging and to just be inspired through nature - re-connecting with your spirit and re-focussing on what's really important!

Join us and a bunch of like-minded people to Connect and co-create a life that is Alive - with awareness, choices, wisdom, joy and abundance.

We are passionate about expanding this work of consciousness and personal empowerment to many more people in the near future - and so we have added a facilitator training session in May into our quarterly retreats.  

We have been asked about running men's retreats, so if you are interested, or know someone who is, please let us know and we will make this happen.

For more details on the retreats or trainings, see right.

Love and Light

Workshop Dates - 2017            
If you are interested in any of the upcoming workshops, but the dates don't suit you - please indicate your interest, and we will see how we can shift things around.  We are looking into possible alternate venues in Magaliesburg or surrounds for our later retreats, and will keep you updated.

Connect for Women Retreat  -
21 to 23 April
Drakensberg @ R2 200 pps

Connect for Women Facilitator Training -  
18 to 21 May 2017
Drakensberg @ R3 200 pps

Alive Retreat - 7 to 9 July 2017
Drakensberg @ R2 200 pps

Connect for Women Retreat -
11 to 13 August 2017
Possibly Magaliesberg @ R2 200 pps

Connect for Women Retreat -
20 to 22 October 2017
Possibly Magaliesberg @ R2 200 pps

Single accommodation is available at an additional rate


Spaces are limited, so book now!! 
Books are essential.
Please RSVP to:
or feel free to e-mail us any queries.

Energy Exchange                 

Pay what you can
We believe that true change comes when you're willing to invest in yourself and your personal growth.  We also believe that money in it's true sense should never be a barrier to personal growth if someone is committed to doing what it takes to make the change.

To manage this interesting paradox, we continue the commitment to our principle of energy exchange.  If you can honestly afford the standard cost, (which gives energy back to the facilitators for investing their time and energy), then make the energy exchange.  

If you find yourself unable to afford the full price, then arrange an energy exchange in kind with World Alive, or chat to us about alternative arrangements that can be made.

Actual costs, such as accommodation, food and petrol, must be covered in full.
The Magical Synchronicity Effect
Synchronicity, our property in the berg, was named specifically for the way the property came into our hands - and after a bottle of wine that we drank when we finally signed the papers! I will tell you the story of the amazing synchronicity of events that led to a seemingly impossible dream becoming a reality when you join us here for a retreat.  
What you do need to know is that it is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, with spectacular views over water, mountains and valleys of a World Heritage Site.  It is also situated in a circular valley which seems to have an interesting effect on energy, weather patterns and the people who visit here.  Time seems to slow down and stretch out, breathing immediately deepens and bodies and minds relax and unwind in an astounding way, allowing healing and transformation to occur spontaneously and effortlessly.  
Our little piece of heaven has held the space for many spiritual and life adventurers, workshops, retreats and just friends spending some downtime together.
Come and join us soon to share in the "magic".
Opportunities - 2017                        

Facilitator Training - Focus on Connect for Women (Alive facilitator training to follow for anyone interested)

This will be a 3 and a half day experiential session in the Drakensberg;  where attendees will learn, explore, share and practice transformational philosophies, activities and the facilitator role in order to encourage and accelerate individual shifts.  We will run with a minimum of 6 people (12 max), so please book soon.

The prerequisites are:
  • Previous participation in a Connect for Women retreat, or an Alive retreat
  • Interest and experience in personal transformation in your own life through reading, reflection, study or experiences
  • Interest in facilitating transformational experiences for others
  • Willingness to co-facilitate Connect for Women pro-bono for groups of less privileged young women as a part of a pay-it-forward initiative (at least 2 per annum)

Alive Retreat:  Drakensberg

We invite you to join us on an Alive retreat in nature.  Come and spend time in beautiful, inspiring nature, mountains, lakes or beaches and oceans.  Picture awesome views, walks in nature, quiet time reflecting and creating, fireplace discussions, new ways of thinking, doing and being.

Join the Alive team and be nurtured, gently challenged, inspired to transform your life from within.  Learn about the 7 aspects of self and the 7 aspects of co-creation, with the emphasis on personal reflection and experiential activities to encourage personal insight and clarity of intent for a vibrant, fulfilling, abundant life.

Images of Alive and Connect Retreats for Women
Connect for Women Retreat

The purpose of the retreat is to guide Women on their very special journey towards connecting with their soul;  building self-esteem, loving relationships, finding their place in the world and living effortlessly in flow.  The workshop offers a safe space in which to explore possibilities and choices, to let go of past beliefs and experiences that hold us back from being our best.

Osho Experience

Having just returned from my 5th trip to the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India - I am more inspired than ever to share this experience with others.  We will be arranging a 10-day trip toward the end of 2017, or early 2018 - depending on numbers and dates.  Osho offers a variety of meditation techniques from different disciplines, and a multiversity with powerful personal development workshops by internationally renowned facilitiators. You can learn more about Osho at If you are interested in joining us, please let us know.  


Lead to Succeed Corporate Workshop

For those of you in organisations that need more awareness, consciousness, personal empowerment, leadership (self and others), change resilience and a sense of purpose and contribution - then please contact us about our Corporate workshop. 

It has been well received in a number of organisations over the years, and we believe organisations are no more ready for this than ever before!
If you want real change, you need to start from within.

Images below of Osho 
I am Alive - The Book

If you haven't yet got a copy of my book, "I am Alive", please e-mail us.  You are also able to collect a signed copy from my office in Fourways, Johannesburg.  Alternatively purchase an e-book through or

"I Am Alive" is a personal coaching guide to discovering and living with awareness, personal power, courage, abundance and joy.  The book containes practical advice, stories, examples, tools and coaching process to transform your life... from just surviving to being ALIVE.

Our mailing address is:
World Alive in partnership with Catalyst Consulting
8 Manor Close, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Sandton, GP 2196
South Africa

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