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From our field to your table. Winter CSA 2015-16
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Weekly Field Notes 

Farm Talk Notes from your farmer

It's been a strange few weeks on the farm. I (Mel) had a surprise appendectomy a couple days after last CSA pick up and let me tell you, spring is a hard time to hear, "you need to rest a lot, and don't lift more than 10 lbs ". Adam says I looked at the doctor like he was crazy. It reminded me of how fragile we are and how every year I seem to meet the moment in life that says, slow down! On Saturday we took a short family float to "reset" and recharge. It was lovely. All the trees and flowers were blooming, the water was clear and the fish were present but not biting. 
When we got off the river we received the devastating news about the death of Tom Billionis. I imagine a lot of you knew Tom, at least I hope you were fortunate enough to know the dude. The Billionis Family have been CSA members for many years. He and his wife Michele played an intricate role in starting the Midtown school garden, which led us to start SUAC. I wrote the business plan for the farm in his Coffee shop and we began our first year of CSA with 25 people, many of which I met at Coffee Ethic. Since then we had the pleasure of becoming friends, duck lovers, and compost buddies, but most of all I proud to be his farmer. 
In the busy life he led, he would frequent the compost pile with buckets of coffee grounds. As many times as we offered to come get them he always said, "I don't mind bringing them over here at all, its a breath of fresh air to visit the farm". I was glad he didn't take me up on the offer, because his visits were a breath of fresh air for us too.
I haven't been able to make sense of his passing or our communities great loss, so I just keep turning to the soil. Farming is something we understand. Tom was passionate about local agriculture and farming in general. He understood the importance of having a relationship with the people that feed you and knowing where your food comes from. With him it went beyond teaching children about their food. The last conversation we had he was expressing his excitement and gratitude for having recently traveled to meet his coffee farmers and he had big plans for enriching those relationships via business and education. He was excited, and exciting. Tom was a great friend to the farm. We will miss him a lot.

His family has set up a memorial fund, if you feel inclined to donate, follow this link.

-Farmer Mel 

What's in your share this week?

Radish, Cherokee Lettuce, Dill or Mint, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Butter Crunch Lettuce, Kale Mix, Green Onions, Arugula, Pea Shoots!
Bread: First come first serve: we will have a few extra loaves this week, those are $5.50
Eggs: naturally raised $5.50
Mushrooms: $4.50

This is the price for those of you that do NOT have any of this already added to your share.

Kale is included again and again on lists of super foods, and for good reason: It's a nutritional powerhouse, packed with vitamin C, vitamin E (an antioxidant), calcium, and even a few cancer-fighting compounds. In a happy twist of fate, it also happens to be one of our favorite winter treats. Oh, the possibilities...

For more on kale, see our visual guide to cooking greens.

Summer shares are selling, have you signed up? Follow this link to sign up: Summer CSA 2016 

Value of your share:
This week $59.00
Weekly average  $57.50

When you get home and can't remember what the funny looking veggie was, look no further! 

Kale: If you juice, Dino Kale is the one to juice. Otherwise, just eat it raw or sauted. Dark green leaves, sweet flavor.
Spinach: Round smooth dark green leaves. Very sweet flavor. 

Mint: Yummy in cooked dishes, or simple syrups or make some salad dressing!
Leaf Lettuce: Light spring mix of salad. Use a light dressing.
Arugula: Darker, oval leaves, salad mix. This is the first cutting and best tasting! Add a little parm cheese, red wine vinager and oil.
Dill: Dark green fern looking herb. This is great on any dish, especially fish!
Radish: These are cherry Belle Radish, mild and delish!
Cherokee Lettuce: Red Leaf with Green center head lettuce
Butter Crunch Lettuce: Green Head lettuce
Green Onion: First of the season! Leaves and root are tasty!
Pea Shoots: By now you probably know what to do with these!
Swiss Chard: Dark green leaves with colorful stems.

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