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Urban Roots Farm

Locally Grown in Downtown Springfield
Urban Roots is a four season vegetable farm located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Owners Adam and Melissa Millsap have worked this 1.7 acre farm since 2010, growing vegetables year round using natural and sustainable techniques. 


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Contact Us
Adam and Melissa Millsap
Phone - 417-597-4858

The time had come to sign up for summer CSA! Few exciting things...
National CSA Day is February 28th. To celebrate, we are going to give away a free Urban Roots Farm T-shirt to those who sign up between now and February 28th.
We are set up for payments during the CSA season, so at time of sign up you only need to pay 30% down. 
Our CSA pick up days will run a little later this year, we will be set up for you till 6pm. 
Click the link below for this seasons details and to sign up.

We appreciate your support. Buying from local farmers supports your local economy. It keeps dollars circulating in your community, and allows people like us to make a living for our family while working a job we believe is important and which we love. Dollars spent on locally grown food are each and every one a vote to revolutionize your food system.

Just shoot and email to or give us a call @ 417-597-4858, and we'll be happy to give you answers.


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