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From our field to your table. Summer CSA 2015
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Weekly Field Notes 

Farm Talk Notes from your farmer

Whew! We have had some serious brain power floating around this farm. Last week, we did our first farm retreat. We took this awesome team and headed to the woods for 2 days where we examined last year and prepared for this year. It was intense, warm and productive. Adams family has a (little house on the prairie like) cabin so we were able to enjoy meals on a camp stove and the sweetness of no electricity. This crew we have this year is amazing. I am really excited to learn and grow with them. Today Adam and I are in Memphis at a farm conference, so yesterday was a big harvest and I think you will be happy. I sure hope you all had cozy holidays. Thank you for letting me be your farmer!
-Farmer Mel 

What's in your share this week?

Loose Leaf lettuce
Frize Lettuce
Butter crunch lettuce
Bell Peppers
Mint and Rosemary
When you get home and can't remember what the funny looking veggie was, look no further! 

Loose leaf lettuce: thin leaf, light green and red lettuce. This is great to mix with your greens mix for an amazing salad. 
Frize lettuce: head lettuce with pointy leaves. Light flavor.
Butter crunch lettuce: Head lettuce with sweet, thick leaves.
Jalenpno: small green and red peppers, shaped like a tiny bananna. HOT.
Beets:Green leaves with red round roots, the leaves are amazing and the roots are the best.
Celery: Bundle of celery stalks. We cut off the plants all year as apposed to harvesting the entire plant at once. This is very strong in flavor compared to store bought celery.
Carrots: sweet baby carrots, dont peal!
Bell Peppers: These are sweet and amazing. eat raw, stuff or freeze for winter use.
Celeriac: Rough looking root, very sweet in flavor. Peal before you eat.
Swiss chard: This is large, smooth, shinny dark leaves in a bundle. This is one of the few veggies that is best cooked. It is very good for you! Eat it.
Kale: dark green leaves, sweet flavor, can be eaten raw or cooked.

Proper storage for long lasting veggies.

All of the greens (kale, chard, pak choi) want to be cold. Place them in the fridge, in a bag or in the crisper drawer. The fridge tends to dehydrate the produce, so thats why you should protect it. 

The garlic likes to stay dry and cool store as you would onions.
If you are not going to eat root crops within 4 days, you should pull off the greens. This way the root crop will last for weeks!

The bagged greens need to stay dry, we wash them and cant seem to get them dry enough, so if you want these to last for weeks, stick a paper towel in the bag and fold it up as you place it in the crisper drawer. 

Eggplant and peppers can go in the fridge in a drawer, no protection needed. You can dice and freeze the peppers for winter use. 

Herbs: you can hang and dry for winter use, or you can place in a bag or container and keep cold. 
Roasted Beets:
Take the leaves and saute with any other green. Take the roots and roll in foil and place in oven on 400 for 30 min. remove from oven, let cool. open and with your fingers under running water gently push off the skin. slice and enjoy hot or cold. This method will for sure cook the "dirt" flavor out of beets!

We might have a few extra loaves of bread this week, those are $5.50

Eggs: naturally raised $5.50

Mushrooms: $4.50
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What you need to know about Pick up:
  • Pick up times are 3-5
  • If you can't make it here by 5, your share will be packed and placed in a white cooler near the front of the greenhouse. Your name will be on the bag.
  • We have disposable bags, but if you can please bring your own. 
  • We will be set up inside the pack shed. Park anywhere. 
  • Once you arrive we will check you in and show you the ropes. 
  • If you have an egg share, we would be happy to recycle the egg cartons.
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