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From our field to your table. Winter CSA 2015-16
  Urban Roots Farm   
Weekly Field Notes 

Farm Talk Notes from your farmer

Well, we have reached the last CSA pick-up for the winter 2015 season. Another season ends as a new one begins. The feeling of gratitude often flutters across my face as I'm out in the field harvesting for you all. I am so thankful that you choose to be a part of our farm. Lately, (the last month or so) I have been asking myself why I farm. Honestly, I haven't been able to come up with a clear, precise answer. I have strong feelings as to why I do, what I do. But being able to articulate those feelings is very hard. 
A few years ago I got a carrot tattoo, something I call "carrot love" it's a real thing. Carrots like the ones in this picture surprise us in the field. I was wanting a tattoo to mark my experience with creating Urban Roots Farm. I thought through many designs, many symbols and tools. But the carrots reminded me that we are all growing and changing, that we lift each other up when we most need it. That we all set roots and leave a footprint. And we should all help make a difference. Carrots have to put more energy into their roots as they grow than their tops and you don't always know what (shape) your going to get when you pull a carrot. It doesn't always look like you might expect and the flavor always changes. They are slow and require patience. We couldn't have set these roots without our community. It's because of people like all of you, that my family and farm and so many other small farms are here today. Thank you for being apart of Urban Roots Farm. Maybe, that's why I farm?

-Farmer Mel 

What's in your share this week?

Radishes, Swiss Chard, Lettuce Mix, Spinach, Arugula, Spring Greens Mix, Kale Mix, Cilantro, Spring onions!
Bread: First come first serve: we will have a few extra loaves this week, those are $5.50
Eggs: naturally raised $5.50
Mushrooms: $4.50

This is the price for those of you that do NOT have any of this already added to your share.

Have you signed up for Summer CSA? Follow this link to sign up: Summer CSA 2016 

When you get home and can't remember what the funny looking veggie was, look no further! 

Kale: If you juice, Dino Kale is the one to juice. Otherwise, just eat it raw or sauted. Dark green leaves, sweet flavor.
Spinach: Round smooth dark green leaves. Very sweet flavor. 

Cilantro: Little green shinny leaves, smells delightful. 
Leaf Lettuce: Light spring mix of salad. Use a light dressing.
Arugula: Darker, oval leaves, salad mix. This is the first cutting and best tasting! Add a little parm cheese, red wine vinegar and oil.
Radish: These are cherry Belle Radish, mild and delish!
Green Onion: First of the season! Leaves and root are tasty!
Swiss Chard: Dark green leaves with colorful stems.


Value of your share:
This week $57.00
Weekly average  $57.00

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