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From our field to your table. Winter CSA 2015-16
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Weekly Field Notes 

Farm Talk Notes from your farmer

Greetings! The farm crew has been busy planting. We moved 2 tunnels, put out the tomato plants, planted a portion of the front field and we are quickly working on the back plots. We are looking forward to this next season and gearing up for summer CSA. It is always a nervous transition going from 30 shares to 75 in one week. For all the folks that plan to have a garden this summer, we are having a plant sale April 22 and 23rd 9-7 pm. Tell your friends! We will have duplicates of the veggies we plant, plus some landscape flowers, herbs and native plants. 

Kohlrabi greens! Try roasting them! Just like you would Kale chips... yum

Summer shares are selling, have you signed up? Follow this link to sign up: Summer CSA 2016 

-Farmer Mel 

What's in your share this week?

Spinach, French Breakfast radish, Kohlrabi greens, Red russian Kale, Leaf Lettuce, Arugula, Salanovia lettuce, Sage, Kale florets and Baby Carrots.
Bread: First come first serve: we will have a few extra loaves this week, those are $5.50
Eggs: naturally raised $5.50
Mushrooms: $4.50

This is the price for those of you that do NOT have any of this already added to your share.

Kale is included again and again on lists of super foods, and for good reason: It's a nutritional powerhouse, packed with vitamin C, vitamin E (an antioxidant), calcium, and even a few cancer-fighting compounds. In a happy twist of fate, it also happens to be one of our favorite winter treats. Oh, the possibilities...

For more on kale, see our visual guide to cooking greens.

Value of your share:
This week $56.00
Weekly average  $52.50

When you get home and can't remember what the funny looking veggie was, look no further! 

Kale: If you juice, Dino Kale is the one to juice. Otherwise, just eat it raw or sauted. Dark green leaves, sweet flavor.
Spinach: Round smooth dark green leaves. Very sweet flavor. 

Kohlrabi Greens: You will have baby kohlrabi bulbs as well, bu the greens are fantastic! just cook as you would any other leafy green.
Beet Greens: You will see baby beets as well, but again the greens are amazing in salads, soups, eggs!
Celery: Grown in the greenhouse all winter, this celery is delicious. We harvest off the plant all winter, rather than harvesting the plant. 
Mint: Yummy in cooked dishes, or simple syrups or make some salad dressing!
Garlic: Use it up! There are 2,000 growing in the field!
Leaf Lettuce: Light spring mix of salad. Use a light dressing.
Arugula: Darker, oval leaves, salad mix. This is the first cutting and best tasting! Add a little parm cheese, red wine vinager and oil.
Dill: Dark green fern looking herb. This is great on any dish, especially fish!

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