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Helpful tips
Hi <<First Name>>,

This month we're going to go over a few tricks to help you save more time and money with Loaded Reports.

Payroll Exports

If you use your POS for staff time clock management, you can automatically generate and export time-sheets that you can import into your payroll software. This saves a lot of data entry and you can complete your payroll from anywhere! For more information on Loaded Time, click here.

Copy Roster

Building your rosters in Loaded is a great way to understand your potential staff cost for the upcoming week. If you have a similar roster each week, you can copy a previous weeks roster and make minor changes to shifts making building your roster easy and fast. For more information on rosters click here.

Stock Search

When looking for a stock item in your stock master list, press CTRL + F, and a search box will appear at the top of your screen. You can then type in the item or recipe you are looking for and Google Chrome will search your list and highlight all the results! Too easy.

Reconciliation Reports

Using Loaded Cashups, you can easily track your day to day reconciliation. We also have reconciliation reports which enable you to track all your transactional data over a day, week or month. You can even drill down into individual transactions. To find your reconciliation reports, head to reports then reconciliation.

O'Connell Consulting - Special Offer

We have teamed up with hospitality expert James O’Connell from O’Connell Consulting to provide you with a free business coaching session on strategic planning using Loaded Reports.  James is the previous Chief Operating Officer of the Lone Star franchise company and has extensive experience running his own business and as a business coach for 10 years.
The session will be focused on helping you better understand and use the information in Loaded to make better business decisions and ultimately add to your bottom line.
Email James at or see their website here, and don't forget to mention you are a Loaded Reports client!

All the best and happy trading.

The Loaded Team.

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