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Keeping it simple.
Hi <<First Name>>,

Like you do in your business, every now and then we have to remind ourselves why we started Loaded and whether we're on the right track. Our initial goal was very simple, to make it far simpler to run a hospitality business. Thus saving hospitality business owners time and hopefully money. The feedback we are getting is that we are on the right track, but there's still plenty more we can be doing to help all of you get things done faster and more efficiently. We couldn't agree more.

If at any time you want to provide us some feedback on something that would help make your business easier to run, please send us a message using the feedback link in your Loaded account.

New Features

We've spent a bit of time in the last month adding some neat little features to our time module, to make life a bit easier when you are completing rosters and payroll.

Clock a team member in and out through Loaded.

You are just about to export your time clock data for the week and you realise someone didn't clock in for their entire shift yesterday, very annoying. Well now you can simply click on add clock at the bottom of the Staff Clocks page to log their shift. 

You can now assign and change the default role a staff member has in Loaded.

Specifically designed for our Menumate customers, you now have control over the default role or department a staff member is assigned to. This means that you can now print your rosters via department and view your wage costs via department as well. You can do this by clicking on the small edit pen on the Active Staff page.

You can now add new staff members directly into Loaded.

If you have a new staff member who does not need to use your POS system, you can now add them directly in Loaded. Simply click Add Staff on the Active Staff page and enter their details into the step by step Wizard provided.

Your favourite reports

Each month we track how often each of the reports in Loaded is being viewed so that we can ensure you are getting value from the reports we are providing you. We thought you might be interested in the 10 most viewed reports from June. You can click on any of them to view the report for your business.
  1. Sales overview report.
  2. Product overview report.
  3. Site overview report.
  4. Staff overview report.
  5. Food orders report.
  6. Beverage orders report.
  7. Reconciliation overview report.
  8. Staff courses report.
  9. Staff tables report.
  10. Fraud & discounting overview report.
Not quite making the top 10, but neck and neck in the most improved category;
  1. Sites wage cost report.
  2. Sites discount report.

Until next time, happy trading.

The Loaded Team.

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