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Know your stock.
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Stock management is often the dark horse of hospitality profitability. We won't argue that it's not the most exhilarating subject, however a 2% reduction in the cost of goods for a business turning over $15,000 a week, results in over $13,000 added to the bottom line over a year. We think it's well worth investing some time into.

Below is an overview of how Loaded Stock works, and the benefits of using it to help increase your bottom line. There is no extra charge for using Loaded Stock, and all training is free.

Stock Overview

Here you can see all your stock purchases for the week, your most purchased items as well as a breakdown of your suppliers. You can generate this report over a month to quickly see how much you have spent on food, beverage and other items.

Stock Ordering

Loaded has it's own purchase order generator, which you can use to create and send your purchase orders directly to your suppliers. When the stock arrives you simply enter the invoice number and match the prices on the suppliers invoice. This process makes tracking your orders simple, and ordering and updating your latest item costs through Loaded Stock is handy as it automatically updates your recipe costs and your cost of goods.

Supplier Statement Matching

Because all your ordering and receiving gets done directly through Loaded, it is easy to match your statements with your invoices. You know exactly who ordered what and the price it was received at. It becomes very easy to ensure you are being charged the correct amount as agreed with your suppliers.

Stocktake Reporting

Completing your stocktakes in Loaded enables you to generate reports which include all the information you need to examine stock usage and variances. From the calculated usage to the purchase orders received, Loaded will ensure you know exactly how much stock you should have on hand, and exactly how much stock may have been lost in shrinkage since your last stocktake.

Stock Training

To get started with Loaded Stock, have a look over our training videos on our support site. We also do stock training sessions one on one with you and your management team free of charge, to help you get underway. Contact us here to set up a session or find out more.

All the best and happy trading.

The Loaded Team.

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