Green News - September 2020
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Planning for Autumn/Winter

Covid-19 is with us for the medium-term and the expectations are that until a proven vaccine is developed and distributed, and taken by travellers, that international travel will not rebound in any major way.  With Irish Tourism businesses reliant on overseas visitors for c. 75-90% of revenues this clearly represents a major challenge.

The buzzword is to "Pivot" if at all possible and many have with a focus on Irish Holidaymakers and the Stay-cation. Autumn is here now and this represents major additional challenges as the domestic market contracts.  Every business should have an Autumn/Winter plan and be ready to implement it quickly - with a huge focus on cost management.

Here at GHP we are going to focus on environmental sustainability issues, impacts and opportunities facing the tourism and hospitality sector.

Cost increase warnings

- Electricity - PSO Levy - 1st October - The PSO Levy will increase by 128% from 1/10/20 for businesses with an MIC over 30.  A 100 MIC kVa will see an annual increase of €1,872 or €152 monthly.   Time to review your MIC and if logical, reduce it.

- Carbon Tax Increases - These increased in May 2020 when Carbon went from €20 to €26 per tonne - this will impact on Gas and Oil.  A hotel using 1,000,000 kWh of Gas/Oil will see the Tax increase from €3,700 to €4,710 - a 27% increase.  If it is kept to €80 by 2030 the annual cost increase will reach €14,800.

- Water charges
increases of up to 90% pa have been deferred but will come back - however, water still costs money - so make sure you don't have a major/minor leak(s) and identify taps, showers, toilets, urinals that should have better controls/upgrade to reduce water use.  A monitored meter will help identify leaks

What are the key environmental actions you should have in place right now?

- Benchmark your business - If you don't know where you stand how can you improve?  Carbon Footprint your hotel to the international standard (HCMI) - Do you know your Energy consumption per Sq Mtr? - your Water per Sleeper? - Your Food Waste kg per cover? - If you don't, you are not in control! - GHP Members have this available as standard - even if you only use this service you will find it financially beneficial for your business - become a GHP Member and gain access to our world class benchmarking service.

- Meter and Monitor your main utilities -  Many hotels "shut down" during the Lockdown, only to continue consuming substantial quantities of energy and water - because they don't have the most basic ability to identify consumption, and when.  One member has saved €000's because they have already installed a Metering and Monitoring System that identified overnight consumption levels because plant was not shut down properly.  It is vital this Autumn/Winter that you know when energy/water is being consumed - especially if you move to Weekend only openings.  GHP offers a low-cost monitoring service - GREENFootprint

- Review your 2019/2020 Electricity Consumption - If you have an MCC10 meter GHP can review your daily and hourly electricity consumption for the past 12/24 months.  Prepare to be surprised and to identify opportunities to save money immediately.  Contact us to access this service - FREE FOR MEMBERS   See sample review here

- Stop using Single Use Plastics - Switch to no SUP's - Just do it - stop talking about it - our Plastic Smart GREENMark incorporates the EU Directive, UN Plastic Programme and the Repak and IHF Plastic Pledges.  What a great way to demonstrate to all your stakeholders your commitment.

Does Environmental Sustainability Stop because of COVID-19?

We would argue that whilst this crisis will eventually recede Climate Change is still with us and we all need to keep pushing forward.  We have a new Government and a new Tourism Minister - A Green One!  There is a new Programme for Government and a Sustainable Tourism Working Group Report - this will form a key part of the action our new Minister will take - see here for details

GHP made a submission to the taskforce with particular focus on the Climate Change challenge of reducing Carbon Emissions by 7% per annum for the next 10 years - there is currently no Tourism Sector plan to achieve this!  See our submission here

Do you have an opinion?  Does your business have a Carbon Emission Reduction Plan - let us know where you stand and what your specific challenges are so we can add them to our engagement with government.

Green Hospitality is here to assist and support you and has a wealth of information and knowledge.  Contact us if you are not currently engaged and use our services.

Services and more Sustainability Information

GREENClean - Chemical Free Cleaning - cutting costs by 50% & Killing Coronavirus
GREENClean is our revolutionary cleaning chemical replacement system that can cut your cleaning chemical costs by 50% plus.   Safe, Powerful, Kind to the Planet, Kind to your Guests, Kind to your Employees. More info here  

Clean the World - A CSR Programme for Single Use Toiletries
CTW collects single use toiletries (Soaps and liquids) from hotels around the world, separates the parts, recycles the plastics and up-cycles the liquids and soaps for humanitarian uses - a circular economy programme.  If you want to be a Recognised Socially Responsible hotel that uses single use toiletries become a Clean the World member. More info here

Compliance - Waste Packaging Regulations
We would urge all hospitality businesses - especially hotels (c.40% non-compliant) - to become compliant with the Packaging Waste Regulations.  By joining Repak your legal obligations will be satisfied - by remaining non-compliant you leave yourself open to prosecution and fines - be sensible - be compliant - Find out more and Join Here

Support our Green Suppliers
Before you plan any project have a look at our Green Business Directory - listing here  

Latest News - Keep an eye on our news page in for the latest sustainable news - click here 

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