GREEN News - April 2020
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Being Smart during the Crisis

Covid-19 is not going away shortly and the general consensus is that it will be the domestic market that initially returns later in the year.  (I looked with interest at previous posts and forecasts - how overly optimistic we were....)

There is tons of advice doing the rounds about marketing, operations management, etc.  The Failte Ireland Covid-19 Business Support Hub is great and I can see on-line other great advice doing the rounds. (Here is a great checklist for Post Pandemic Hotel Operations)

Here at GHP we will focus on the environmental sustainability issues, impacts and opportunities facing the tourism and hospitality sector.

Does Environmental Sustainability Stop because of COVID-19
Our argument is that whilst this crisis will eventually recede Climate Change is still with us and we all need to keep pushing forward.  We also believe that when business starts coming back that all Irish Tourism & Hospitality Businesses should implement a very strong Buy Irish Goods & Services campaign - especially since so many of us are benefiting from State subsidies - give it back!  More here.....

Swimming Pool Temporary Closures
Some advice from Noel Murphy, Group Operations Manager, Kildare Leisure.  It starts with - don't empty your pool!!!! unless it is designed to be emptied.  But you can still reduce running costs considerably.  Also - read your water meters at least every week and be ready to identify and fix leaks.  More here....

Energy Rebates - Many hotels reduced their total energy consumption in 2019 by investing in energy efficiency actions - many hotels are working with us to receive an energy rebate which is bringing in scarce income - we are working on a number of projects that will deliver c. €350,000 to hotels in rebates.  If you haven't told us about your actions we cannot help you - engage with us directly -  

Free Green Training
Fifty Shades Greener is offering their Green Leader Training for free to the 1st 5,000 applicants - you have plenty of time - engage now and learn.  More here... 

Free Newspaper
PressReader have offered free access to their site for a couple of months - sign up here...

Green Hospitality is here to assist and support you and over the next few weeks and months we will be doing the same - updating our information, advice, templates, etc. -  so we can provide the information and service you want.  Contact us if you are not currently engaged.

What are the key actions you should have for 2020?

- Implement an EMS - Environmental Management System - The Green Hospitality Programme is an EMS - a structured approach
- Benchmark your business - and monitor energy, water and waste at least monthly - Carbon Footprint your hotel to the international standard (HCMI) - GHP Members have this available as standard
- Agree a plan to at least meter your major energy supplies (That means your own meters and monitoring kit - when cash becomes available)

- Energy Using Equipment - make sure they are on only when they are delivering a service to your business - not just on all the time - create and use a daily checklist and have on/off rules for each item
- Water reduction - water charges increases have been deferred - however, it still costs money - so make sure you don't have a major/minor leak(s) and identify taps, showers, toilets, urinals that should have better controls/upgrade to reduce water use
- Landfill Waste - this should only be c. 5% of total waste - how come its not?  Because you are not managing it?  Start managing it - make sure its not full of Recyclables and Food Waste - which it currently is!
- Food Waste - 50 tonnes per hotel per annum worth €200,000 - maybe some hotels will start actually doing something about this
- Stop using Single Use Plastics - Switch to no SUP's - Just do it - stop talking about it - our Plastic Smart GREENMark incorporates the EU Directive, UN Plastic Programme and the Repak and IHF Plastic Pledges
- Communication - Staff - review your Induction, departmental induction, policies and procedures to embed good practice within your employees 
- Communication - website - where are your Green Page(s) - tell your customers/stakeholders what environmentally responsible actions you have implemented and keep them up-to-date.

And you can implement all the above - AT NO COST 

Services and more Sustainability Information

Clean the World - A CSR Programme for Single Use Toiletries
CTW collects single use toiletries (Soaps and liquids) from hotels around the world, separates the parts, recycles the plastics and up-cycles the liquids and soaps for humanitarian uses - a circular economy programme.  If you want to be a Recognised Socially Responsible hotel that uses single use toiletries become a Clean the World member. More info here

GREENClean - Chemical Free Cleaning - cutting costs by 50%
GREENClean is our revolutionary cleaning chemical replacement system that can cut your cleaning chemical costs by 50% plus.  Trial offer available. Safe, Powerful, Kind to the Planet, Kind to your Guests, Kind to your Employees. More info here  

Compliance - Waste Packaging Regulations
We would urge all hospitality businesses - especially hotels (c.40% non-compliant) - to become compliant with the Packaging Waste Regulations.  By joining Repak your legal obligations will be satisfied - by remaining non-compliant you leave yourself open to prosecution and fines - be sensible - be compliant - Find out more and Join Here

Support our Green Suppliers
Before you plan any project have a look at our Green Business Directory - listing here  

Latest News - Keep an eye on our news page in for the latest sustainable news - click here 

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