Status as of 2 p.m. on March 23

TONIGHT: Virtual Town Hall Meeting: COVID-19 Updates with Q&A

Mayor David Tarter, School Board Chairman Greg Anderson, City Manager Wyatt Shields, and Superintendent of Schools Peter Noonan will provide updates on the status of City and School operations, and impacts on our community. A representative of the Fairfax County Health Department will provide a briefing for the community on the virus itself, its history, how it is spread, its symptoms, the number of cases in our area, and the public health response.

Viewers can ask questions by sending them now to for the Q&A portion of the Town Hall.

A recording of the Town Hall will be posted on the City website and available for viewing if you are not able to watch it live.

The Town Hall is in lieu of the regularly scheduled City Council meeting, which has been cancelled.

Governor Northam's Announcements

At his 2 p.m. news conference today, Governor Northam gave a number of updated announcements. We are waiting on documentation from the governor's office to share. Please stay tuned and we will send out our official word once we get the documentatin.

Curbside Bulk Item Pickup Suspended

The City’s curbside residential trash hauler has suspended curbside bulk item pickup for now. Regular Wednesday curbside trash, recycling, and yard waste collection services continue.

Why You May Notice Chlorine, Sediment in Your Water Starting Today through May 4 -- Not Related to COVID-19

Fairfax Water's annual water main flushing program has started -- see full information here. This has nothing to do with COVID-19, but since there might be a change in the odor and look of your water, the City wants to assure its residents that this is normal.

During this time, the treatment process switches from using combined chlorine to free chlorine. You may notice a smell -- this is normal. Flushing may also result in temporary discoloration and the presence of sediment in your water. These conditions are not harmful and should be of very short duration.

This will start on March 23 and end on May 4 for City of Falls Church customers.

You will likely notice Fairfax Water personnel in your neighborhood operating hydrants from late March through June. You will be able to recognize Fairfax Water employees by a number of identifiers:
  • Employees will be driving vehicles identified with the Fairfax Water logo.
  • Employees will be displaying a sign that identifies the employee as part of the Fairfax Water flushing program.
  • Employees will be wearing uniforms with the same Fairfax Water logo.
If you have questions about this program or the work being conducted in your area, you may call our dispatch operator any time of the day or night at 703.698.5613, TTY 711.

Utilities Updates

Follow the links for each utility's update on services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don't Flush Wipes, Towels, etc.!

At all times and particularly now, please remember only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down toilets. Wipes (even those marked “flushable”), paper towels, rags, etc. should NEVER be flushed. Doing so will result in damage and backups in personal sewer lines and homes as well as sewer blockages in main lines.

Please do the right thing for you and your neighbor’s personal protection, the protection of our City sewer employees and our infrastructure. Thank you.

Question of the Day

How can I volunteer or donate during this pandemic?

The City has a list of established organizations who are organizing volunteers and donations. Please visit for the list with links to websites, emails, and phone numbers.

If you volunteer or donate items, PLEASE make sure you are safe. Keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and others. Disinfect items before donating. Remember, someone could be a carrier for the virus and not show symptoms for up to 14 days. 

What's your question? Complete the form at

In Case You Missed It...

  • Restaurant, Grocery Store List on City Website with Special Hours for Senior Citizens
    Launched moments ago is a list of City restaurants who are offering "to go" service, as well as hours of the City's grocery stores. Some have special shopping hours for senior citizens. See the information here, and subscribe to receive emails when the lists are updated.
  • New City Services Information Line: 703-248-5200
    The City is staffing a new information line about public services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The line will be answered Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 5pm.

    Questions about COVID-19 should be directed to the Fairfax County Health Department: website, Frequently Asked Questions, email, and phone, 703-267-3511 (M-F: 9:30am-9pm and Sa-Sun: 9:30-5pm).
  • Playgrounds Closed
    All City and Public School playgrounds are closed. Due to the recently announced "community spread" of the virus, is not safe to play on playgrounds due to community spread of COVID-19. The equipment is not cleaned, and the virus can stay on certain surfaces for up to three days. (Source: National Institutes of Health). Also, every person should stay at least 6 feet away from others, and this can be difficult for children and teens.

    All City parks remain open. Parks offer sunlight, solace, and a break from social and indoor isolation. We strongly urge all park visitors to keep their hands clean, avoid touching their faces, and maintain a safe social distance of six feet from others.
  • Public Meetings and Gathers Guidance for City, Community, Business Events
    The City posted a Public Meeting & Gathering Guidance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 13. The City is following this guidance for its events and encourages community groups and businesses to do the same.
  • Stay Tuned for Decision about Future Farmers Market
    The City is awaiting further guidance from the Commonwealth regarding mass gatherings and food sources. Safety is the City’s number one priority, and we will notify the public as soon as a decision is made about the March 28 and future markets.
  • Library's eAudiobook Selection
    The Library posted about a number of eAudiobook options, perfect for those trying to limit screentime: Overdrive, RB Digital, and Audible Free eAudiobooks.

City Events and Meetings

  • CANCELLED: The City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, March 23.
  • NEW: Virtual Town Hall Meeting with Fairfax Health, City Government, and City Schools: Monday, March 23 at 7:30 p.m. It will be available online and on Falls Church Community Television (FCCTV: Cox 11, RCN 2, Verizon 35) . Stay tuned for more details. You can submit your question now to
  • The City posted a Public Meeting & Gathering Guidance on March 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City is following this guidance for its events and encourages community groups and businesses to do the same.

Coming Soon

  • Next steps for the City's Proposed Fiscal Year 2021 Budget. This time of year is usually full of public budget meetings. The Budget process is on pause as City staff revise revenue forecasts in light of the economic fallout from COVID-19, and also develop a plan to hold the necessary public meetings for the Budget process to continue.
  • The City is working with other localities in Northern Virginia to get clarity from Governor Northam on holding public meetings and taking care of public business during the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration. (See the letter from Mayor David Tarter, as the Chair of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, to Governor Northam here.) More to come on these evolving state guidelines which will impact how the City Council, School Board, Planning Commission and other boards and commissions will carry out the public’s business.
  • The City’s business community is severely impacted by the closures and restrictions in place due to COVID-19.   Staff is working with State and Federal officials, the Chamber of Commerce, and the business community to gather Information and resources for City businesses affected by COVID-19 shutdowns.
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The City of Falls Church is committed to the letter and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This document will be made available in alternate format upon request. Call 703-248-5003 (TTY 711).