Status as of 2 p.m. on March 25

Park Facilities Closed; Fields and Courts for Small Groups Only; Maintain 6 Feet Distance from Others

  • City fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and the skate park are closed to groups of 10 or more people.
  • Any number of people using those facilities must maintain 6 feet of distance from each other.
  • These restrictions might mean that you turn around and go home because the court, field or other park amenity is too full – please be prepared for that scenario.
  • City playgrounds remain closed. They are unsafe to play on as they are not sanitized.
 All 14 City Parks will remain open until further notice. The W&OD Trail is also currently open, but residents should check the NOVA Parks website ( for the trail's future operating status. Parks offer sunlight, solace, and a break from social and indoor isolation. We strongly urge all park visitors to keep their hands clean, avoid touching their faces, and maintain a safe social distance of six feet from others. A list of City Parks can be found at (note: Big Chimneys Park is currently closed for renovation). 

Three Inova Respiratory Illness Clinics Open

Shared from the Fairfax County Health Department:

Starting today, Wednesday, March 25, Inova Urgent Care locations at Dulles South, North Arlington and Tysons will staff Respiratory Illness Clinics to evaluate all patients with respiratory illness symptoms.

Before visiting any Inova Respiratory Illness Clinic, contact your regular physician for evaluation. For assistance with recommendations, to arrange for a physician appointment, or if you do not have a primary care physician, call 1-855-IMG-DOCS. Your regular physician can evaluate your symptoms to determine if testing is indicated based on COVID-19 testing criteria and provide a testing order, or refer you to the Inova Respiratory Illness Clinic for evaluation.

The three clinics will also be able to collect COVID-19 vehicle-side samples that have been ordered by physicians.

Upon arrival at the Inova Respiratory Illness Clinic, a clinician will greet the patient at their vehicle to escort the patient into the respiratory clinic for evaluation or to collect samples for a physician-ordered test.

For patients who undergo COVID-19 testing, a UCC nurse will contact those whose results are negative. For patients with positive results, a nurse will coordinate with the patient’s regular physician for notification and further instructions. Patients who are tested can expect results in roughly 4-7 days.

These clinics will be open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Addresses and contact information for the Inova Respiratory Illness Clinics are:

Inova Urgent Care – Dulles South
24801 Pinebrook Rd. #110
Chantilly, VA 20152

Inova Urgent Care – North Arlington
4600 Lee Hwy.
Arlington, VA 22207

Inova Urgent Care – Tysons
8357 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182

A Note about Announcing New Cases in the City

The City is in the Fairfax Health District, which is under the Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD). As of March 24, there are 77 cases in the Health District. This number will increase every day now that testing through private facilities is ramping up.

The City will continue to be in close contact with FCHD, but we will not be able to inform the public of every case in the City from this point forward. We will send out an alert if FCHD tells us there is a risk to visitors of a certain place at a certain time; for example, this church service in Bailey's Crossroads, outside the City. FCHD will continue to run contact investigations on reported cases, which means they inform individuals to self-quarantine if they were in contact with a specific case.

This is consistent with the announcement that FCHD recently made:
"Fairfax Health District is no longer reporting case summaries for each new COVID-19 positive case, as laboratory reporting is increasing from public and commercial labs. We will continue to update total cases for the health district daily, information in the table below, and provide additional information on case investigations that identify significant community exposures, or when events warrant."
Residents can keep informed by subscribing to this newsletter, our website homepage email updates, and Falls Church Alerts for large-scale emergencies. We will also continue to post to Facebook and Twitter. (See links at the top of the newsletter under the header.)

Residents can always call or email FCHD if they have questions: 703-267-3511 or

Questions of the Day

These questions and answers are summarized from the Virtual Town Hall.

What if all these restrictions given by the Governor and localities are premature? Could the public schools reopen for this school year if the COVID-19 pandemic goes away before then? (View on YouTube)
This is a highly unlikely scenario. When you think of any pandemic, it's not a switch that's either on or off. It's more of a dial. Right now we are in the early stages. We have been somewhat slowly implementing restrictions over the past weeks to "flatten the curve" -- that's the dialing up. When we are on the other side of the curve, there will be a dialing down to loosen restrictions -- so not everyone will come out of their house at once, for example. It's likely that high risk groups will need to stay home for a longer time as the restrictions are lifted.

Can you get a test to see if you have COVID-19 after you recovered from it? (View on YouTube)
This will probably be possible in the future. Right now, the priority is on testing those who are actively ill.

Can my dog or outdoor cat bring the virus back into the house? (View on YouTube)
All the research on companion animals -- pets -- suggests that there is no reason to think that pets are a source.

What's your question? Complete the form at

Quick News

  • Metro to close additional 17 stations and selected entrances amid low-ridership, need to conserve critical cleaning supplies during COVID-19 response beginning Thursday.
  • City Hall remains open with limited services onsite, 9am to 4pm:
    • Treasurer
    • Commissioner of the Revenue
    • Permits
    • CLOSED: Housing and Human Services counter; call 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or email
  • A number of City services are available online:
    • Online payments for personal property tax bills, real estate tax bills, parking tickets, general bills for special trash pick-up and false alarm fees, FCCPS tuition payments and facility rental payments:
    • Online Vehicle Registration forms: You will be mailed a temporary decal when you complete the online registration.
    • Online Voter Registration, Request for Absentee Ballots and to check your Polling Place:

VIDEO: Virtual Town Hall Meeting: COVID-19 Updates with Q&A

  • Click here for the full video on YouTube
  • Click here for the full video (then click on "Agenda" to access skip-ahead bookmarks)
  • Click here to skip ahead to the presentation by the Fairfax County Health Department
  • Click here to skip ahead to the Question & Answer session

In Case You Missed It...

  • Don't Flush Wipes, Towels, etc.!
    Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down toilets. Wipes (even those marked “flushable”), paper towels, rags, and even, ideally, feminine hygiene products should NEVER be flushed. Doing so will result in damage and backups in personal sewer lines and homes as well as sewer blockages in main lines.
  • Solid Waste Collection Updates
    The City’s curbside residential trash hauler has suspended curbside bulk item pickup for now. Regular Wednesday curbside trash, recycling, and yard waste collection services continue.
  • Fairfax Water Advises on Chlorine Smell, Sediment
    Fairfax Water says customers might notice chlorine smell, sediment during their Annual Water Main Flushing Program March 23 through May 4. This is the normal course and not related to COVID-19. See full information here.
  • Playgrounds Closed
    All City and Public School playgrounds are closed. It is not safe to play on playgrounds due to community spread of COVID-19. The equipment is not cleaned, and the virus can stay on certain surfaces for up to three days. Also, every person should stay at least 6 feet away from others, and this can be difficult for children and teens.
  • Stay Tuned for Decision about Future Farmers Market
    Safety is the City’s number one priority, and we will notify the public as soon as a decision is made about the March 28 and future markets.

City Events and Meetings

  • The City posted a Public Meeting & Gathering Guidance on March 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City is following this guidance for its events and encourages community groups and businesses to do the same.

Coming Soon

  • A decision on the Farmers Market on Saturday, March 28 is coming soon. If the market continues, it will be in a "to go" format. Staff are working with the vendors to see what is possible. The safety of our residents, visitors, and vendors is our top priority, and we acknowledge that the market is a source of food for many. 
  • City leadership is actively working and collaborating at the regional, state, and federal levels for effective and coordinated response for the health, continuity of operation, economic impacts (such as looking after our small businesses, at risk populations, adjusting tax deadlines), and accessing or linking to federal and state relief financial resources.
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The City of Falls Church is committed to the letter and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This document will be made available in alternate format upon request. Call 703-248-5003 (TTY 711).