FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Quist to run for 19A House seat
From the Desk of Allen Quist
For Immediate Release                                                                    Contact: Julie Quist
January 4, 2013                                                                               (507) 720-2810

St. Peter—former State Representative Allen Quist has announced he is entering the race for the soon-to-be-open 19A House seat. Quist said he brings a wealth of experience to the post, and if elected he believes he can make an almost immediate difference in Minnesota government even though he would join the House part way through its 2013 session.

Because Quist served three terms in the Minnesota House in the 1980s, Quist would enter the Legislature with three terms of seniority. “Both experience and seniority are major factors in being effective,” Quist said.

Quist also said that his record of being bi-partisan is a significant asset in promoting good government. “Good legislation is almost always bipartisan,” he said. Quist was chief author of the bill that created what was then called Minnesota’s Department of Jobs and Training. Quist said he worked closely with then DFL Governor Rudy Perpich in drafting and passing that bill. Quist said the purpose of the bill was helping people become self-sufficient as opposed to keeping them on welfare.

Repeal of the controversial education policy known as the “Profile of Learning” was another of Quist’s accomplishments. Quist said he won the support of Education Minnesota in that successful repeal effort.

Quist said that protecting and promoting the interests of small business and agriculture are his primary legislative priorities. “Agriculture and small business are the economic mainstay of Southern Minnesota,” said Quist. “Whatever is good for agriculture and small business is good for everyone in this community,” Quist added.

Other concerns of Quist include education—where Quist wants to ensure that the new education standards are academic and non-political, and welfare policy—where Quist will work to promote a system that is sustainable and properly administered.

Quist said his bottom line is having government work the way it is supposed to. “My bottom line is I am a good government guy,” said Quist. “My goal will be to have state government function as well as possible for the best interests of St. Peter, Mankato and the surrounding community,” he said.
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