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It’s Spring! As some of you may know, I’m a warm weather person so I greet the arrival of Spring with a smile and a huge exhale.
Full Day Teacher Workshop Returns

Look at this gorgeous space!  We hosted the No Pain, ALL GAIN workshop here in March and I was so impressed with the space that we’ve decided to offer the Full Day Teacher Workshop here too

The success of last summer’s Full Day Teacher Workshop in Austin, TX has inspired the Oklahoma City crowd to ask for it in their fair city!  How could I refuse?  Thank you to Corbishley Violins in OKC for sponsoring the event June 4 in the Paseo Arts District Building SixTwelve will be home for the event and we plan to offer a hotel/dinner package along with our day of training! You will be able to sign up for the either the full day or just the morning session.You can find the details on my website  and advance registration will be required.  Make plans to join us now!
Workshops, Conferences, Festivals and Master Classes…oh my! 
We’ve hit the ground running in 2016 and it’s been amazing.  Workshops and master classes at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory in Ohio, Dallas, Las Vegas, Raleigh, Greensboro and Grand Rapids have been great.

I’m excited to join the faculty this summer at Indiana University’s String AcademyI’ll be teaching and presenting the No Pain, ALL GAIN workshop for teachers and students alike.  It will be awesome to return to Bloomington!
I’ll also be joining The James Players Chamber Music Camp  this summer in Virginia. I’m excited to teach, perform, and present The Grossman Method workshops to those participants.

In my last newsletter I mentioned my four concerto performances last fall.  This spring I just performed the Telemann Double and Triple Violin concerti with the Academia Filharmonia. 
Take a look here!
I’ve also been acting Concertmaster of the Greensboro Symphony in 2016.  I served in this role with the orchestra back in 2008 and it’s been wonderful to return and reunite with those colleagues.
I hope your spring is filled with daffodils and healthy playing.  As always, please check my tour schedule and join me for a workshop or concert if you are in the area. 

Hal Grossman
Ask the Teacher

Rebecca Fischer
Chiara Quartet

Trust in chamber music is a beautiful and necessary thing.  Many of us started playing chamber music for the connection, the possibility for true openness with others that comes from trust, resulting in the ability to transcend the limitations of the individual players in the group.  The Chiara Quartet has been playing together for 15 years professionally (21 years since the group’s student inception), and we have always sought to connect deeply with one another and our audiences through music-making and teaching.  As one might expect, we have gone through high’s and low’s in our career as well as in our personal relationships, but we always strive to come back to what is most important to us: our love for the music and our connection to one another and our audiences. 
Five years ago when listening to recording edits of the Brahms quartets, we found that something essential was missing for us in the sound.  That elusive sense of openness, of abandon and risk-taking, was not there in the way that we had hoped.  We decided to re-record the entire album, this time experimenting in rehearsal without using music.  The results were dramatic for us: taking away the music enabled a new sense of freedom with one another, and we were more able to listen.  Instead of analyzing we were intuiting, instead of obsessing about the markings we were internalizing them as guides; it was a classic switch from a left-brain to a right-brain focus.  We had all memorized solo pieces beforehand, however in the quartet with an increased number of people there was an increased sense of trust, that magical ingredient needed for great chamber music playing.  We decided to rerecord the Brahms quartets, this time entirely from memory, or “by heart,” and the experience changed our group’s life.
In the past few years we have moved towards playing entire programs by heart (including the Bartok quartet cycle).  Even though the memorization process takes time, the results are thrilling for us as we deepen our understanding of great string quartet music.  When we go onstage without music there is a new level of vulnerability and trust which feels appropriate to the risk we take every day to make music with one another. 

Upcoming Workshops & Events

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May 12 - 14
Guest Concertmaster

Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
Greensboro, NC

May 15

Masterclass at the Cary String School
Raleigh, NC

June 10-19

James Players Chamber Music Festival
Lynchburg, VA

June 25-July 10

Indiana University Summer String Academy
Bloomington, IN

July 14-25

Aria International Summer Academy
South Hadley, MA

July 24-Aug 7

Marrowstone Music Festival
Bellingham, WA

Dates are subject to change. Message me HERE to confirm!

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