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9.30 am (Yang/Yin)
6.30 pm (Yang)
7.35 pm (Yin)

6.00 am (BOOKINGS ONLY) 
9.00 am (Yin)
10.30 am (Yang/Yin)
7.30 am (Primary series)
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casual class $20/$15
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10 pass $160

Yoga retreats & workshops. Group, private, corporate, school & community yoga

Belair Community Centre
1 Burnell Drive
Belair SA 5052

Karen Gunter
0403 198964



Friday 20th September 

10:30am Yang / Yin
with Juliette Coudert

Saturday 21st September
7:30am CLOSED
10:30am Yang / Yin
 with Kirsty Reynolds

Sunday 29th September - Monday 7th October
CLOSED whilst major works undertaken at BCC


Winter Retreat @ Jura
20th - 22nd September


Summer Retreat @ Jura
20th - 22nd February 2020


Path of Freedom Weekend Workshops
with Om People Yoga
15th - 17th November

The Essence of Being
Yin and Live Music
Friday 15th Nov 7 - 9pm


Path of Freedom
An exploration of Hatha Yoga and Meditation
16th - 17th November
8am - 6pm 


short film by Nicky Create
see it


Online practices created for you

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Spring Yin Yoga 


Losing and Winning

Even when I'm lost, I'm not lost.
Even when I lose,
I win.

Even when I cry,
I smile.

In dust I see gold.
In pain I know of comfort.
In failing I succeed.

Like sun rays piercing raindrops in a silent summer rain, I already know that nothing is because of me. When challenged I slow down and let it come.

What comes will go - so what?
Don't wait for tomorrow.

Your gifts are endless and now is already here.

~ Charlotte Brady


Our name YOGA GARAGE, Why?
Schedule Changes This Month

Path of Freedom with OM PEOPLE

"Where did the name YOGA GARAGE come from?"

I get that question a lot. (No our studio isn't in a shed.......)

The Yoga Garage name emerged out of a brain storm session on return from a month long teacher training in 2009.

My mission was to create a name that reflected what I wanted to offer my students, what yoga meant to me and to align with my ethos that yoga is for Every Body, regardless of age, gender, fitness, flexibility (this list could continue - but I'm sure you get my meaning here)

Yoga had been a constant part of my life for 22 years at this point, and anytime my practice dropped off, I'd start to "fall apart". Physically my hip and knee pain would reappear, mentally I felt stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated. I'd be running on a short fuse, my digestion would wreak havoc and I definitely wasn't the best version of myself.

For me yoga is maintenance. Maintaining health and wellbeing with regular practice makes sense and is often a lot more effective (and easier) than having to try and repair and restore balance.

Presto - YOGA GARAGE was born.
A place for Every Body to Tune Up their Mind, Body and Soul. 

🌸🌿 Spring is here 🌸🌿 and there are lots of exciting things coming up at our studio.

  • This Friday 20th September one of our own students is becoming the teacher! Please welcome Juliette Coudert as she teaches her first class at YOGA GARAGE for our 10:30am class whilst Karen is away on retreat.
  • This Saturday 21st September Kirsty Reynolds will be teaching at 10:30am. Many of you will remember Kirsty from her stint as resident teacher whilst I was O/S in 2017. Please note: No 7:30am class this week
  • Reverse cycle air-conditioning is coming to our big and beautiful hall space! A big undertaking, we will be closed for the week of installation including Labor Day  (29th Sept - 7th Oct)
  • OM People Yoga are returning to YOGA GARAGE this November 15th - 17th with a weekend Exploration into the Ancient system of Hatha Yoga and Meditation. (details below)

See side bar for full holiday schedule

Thankyou for being a part of our Yoga Garage community and for giving me the opportunity to share the joy of yoga 💓

with metta, Karen 

p.s Much gratitude for all of your heartfelt get well messages this week! I am feeling much better and thankful for a speedy recovery x

A Weekend Exploration with OM People Yoga

An exploration into the ancient system of Hatha Yoga and Meditation

Irene Ais and Josh Blau have created a master training for any dedicated student or teacher of Yoga ready to study the ancient knowledge of Yogic texts and sages coupled with the potent system of practice called Tantric Hatha Yoga which helps any practitioner on the path to transform their lives. 

This 3 day course will journey through the MOON, SUN, FIRE practice to reveal the powerful and efficient system of practice that leaves us feeling calm, empowered and alive. 

This is an opportunity for any teachers or dedicated students of Yoga to experience a complete practice for body, mind and breath and learn more about the philosophical and energetic knowledge that can deepen our personal practice revealing a life of true presence, power and purpose.  

25hr course includes detailed exploration of: 
  • The Vedas and the source of Yoga.  
  • Patanjali’s Yoga sutras and practice of all 8 limbs of Yoga. 
  • Understanding the complete practice of Asana, Pranayam, Meditation  
  • The ancient system of Tantric Hatha Yoga — Moon, Sun and Fire - a pathway for freedom  
  • Energetic Anatomy including bandhas, chakras, koshers and kundalini  
  • Mantra meditation and chanting  
  • The body as living yantra  
  • The 3 major philosophical streams of yoga: Advaita vedanta, Classical Yoga and Tantra.  
  • Understanding the prakrati, purusha, the gunas and our true nature according to samkhya.   
  • Embodying Yoga in our lives for life with greater purpose and meaning. 

(Evening of Yin and Live Music) 
Friday 15th November 7pm - 9pm

This YIN Yoga, Yoga Nidra and live sound journey has been masterfully crafted to reveal the nectar of our true essence from within. 

Release tension long held in the body and mind through postural habits and old stories to return to your simplest expression of being. 

Join us for an experience of deep softening, awakening and bliss. 


(Weekend workshops)
Saturday 16th November 8am - 6pm

The Tantric World View

Hatha Yoga - the body as a gateway for awakening

The 7 stages of the master system of Hatha Yoga

Moon Sadhana

Yoga Nidra

Lunar pranayama and meditation

Sunday 17th September 8am - 6pm

Sun Sadhana

Fire Sadhana

Solar and fire pranayama and meditation

The path of freedom

Your own unique practice

*Saturday can be taken as a stand alone but is a prerequisite for Sunday.



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