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February 16 | What's Working in Adult Faith Formation Discover what's working in adult faith formation - effective practices, models, approaches, and programming - in a 3-part Online Conference Click Here to Register


A Workshop with Nationally Known Presenter ANA BARRAZA | Pastoral Center; 1-1:30pm ENGLISH; 6-8:30pm SPANISH “Let's walk together as we facilitate the encounter with Jesus and persons with disabilities and special needs!” ​Join Ana as through personal stories, training, appropriate resources, and prayer moments we learn how to best serve all families in our parish community.

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ASH WEDNESDAY – February 22

Ash Wednesday services are sure to fill the pews of your church, attracting people who do not come to any other liturgical celebration. What is the intrigue that captures men, women, and children alike, that on this day, more than any other, they make time to come receive the gift of holy ashes on their foreheads? Perhaps it is the day where our teaching on the dignity of the human person, and the equality given to us by our creator become most evident. As the cross of ashes calls us to repentance, we recognize our own mortality, creatures destined to return to the earth from which we were created. We are all equally humbled, but in God’s great mercy, we are all invited to repent and believe in the Gospel, to turn toward Christ who has won for us salvation.

“May the gift of holy ashes placed on your forehead on this ancient holy day help you realize that only by a Christ-like death can you experience the promise of Easter’s life.” – Rev. Edward Hays

During those times simply reflect on this simple truth: The Sacred Heart of Jesus beats for you this Lent. He is calling us, Heart to heart, into the desert for communion and repentance. Read more about a Lenten devotion to the Sacred Heart Here:

Russell Hoyt
Director of Evangelization & Catechesis


The Rite of Election is a great reminder for us of how discernment works in the Church. Often it is easy for us to say that a person had prayed and decided they want to do X, in this case, be initiated into the Catholic Church, and that is all that should matter. The Rite of Election reminds us that this is not the case. The Church “makes its ‘election’, that is, the choice and admission of those catechumens who have the dispositions that make them fit to take part, at the next major celebration, in the sacraments of initiation”. (RCIA, 119). The Church as a whole makes that choice and the Church, as a whole, calls the catechumens to initiation.

This choice however is not made in a vacuum. It is based on testimony and on reaffirmation of intentions. In fact, in the liturgy itself, first the godparents are asked “As God as your witness, do you consider these candidates worthy to be admitted to the sacraments of Christian initiation?” (RCIA, 131). They must answer in the affirmative. The whole community then has the opportunity to affirm the testimony of the godparents. Then, the catechumens are asked “…do you wish to enter fully into the life of the Church through the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and the eucharist” (RCIA, 132). They must answer in the affirmative. Only then are the catechumens invited to offer their names for enrollment and declared members of the elect.

What does this all mean for us as catechists? It means a few things that I think are worth some reflection.

First, it means that godparents matter. We need to make sure those acting as godparents understand what it is they are signing up for. They need to be able to make that attestation at the Rite of Election. This highlights for all of us the important role they play in the life of the catechumen and, eventually, the neophyte Catholic.

Second, it means that the whole community has a role to play in the lives of the catechumens. Throughout the Rite of Election, it is made clear that the catechumens cannot do this alone, they need our help, support, and prayers.

Finally, it means that it is important to understand that being Catholic is not just about having a relationship with God, or even the parish Church. The Rite of Election, because it is a diocesan Mass, highlights the role of the larger Church community. The whole Church is called on to call these catechumens to the Sacraments. That requires trust and faith in our brothers and sisters who are making attestations on their behalf.

The final line in the introduction to the Intercessions for the Elect sums this all up beautifully: “Let us pray to the Lord for them [the elect] and or ourselves, that we may be renewed by one another’s efforts and together come to share in the joys of Easter.”

Rebecca Spellacy | Director of Worship

The 2023 Rite of Election will be celebrated on Sunday, February 26, at 3:00 pm at St. John Vianney Parish in Round Rock. Registration closed February 15; click here to register your parish.

  • All DREs or RCIA Leaders must attend an instruction meeting 1 hour prior to the liturgy. Directors (parish representatives) will be given their packets with instructions, name tags, worship aids, and seating maps at this time. Out of respect for the host parish and their Mass schedule, please instruct the catechumens, godparents, and guests to arrive no sooner than 45 minutes prior to the liturgy. DREs and RCIA leaders will meet them in the seating areas. Ushers and greeters will direct them to the appropriate area in the church.

  • Seating at this liturgy is at a premium. Therefore, only catechumens, one godparent, and one RCIA leader will sit in the reserved areas. Other family members and guests or additional team members will be seated outside of the reserved section as space is available.

  • Please notify Maryrae Stein at if there are participants/guests with special needs.


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers this 45sec video to identify Three Things We Can Do to help Live Lent This Year

The biblical roots of Ash Wednesday are wonderfully explained by Dr. Brant Pitre in this video from Catholic Productions.

Ask Me About Lent – a 7- minute video from Joe Paprocki. Posts a question on the screen which is then answered for you. Easy to pause after the question appears to give your class a chance to answer, then play the answer from Joe.

What are the "marks of Lent"? How are they rooted in Scripture and what is their purpose? Discover the answer to these and other “Frequently Asked Questions about Lent” by visiting the Office of Worship FAQ page on Lent.

EUCHARIST: THE WORK OF OUR REDEMPTION A Lenten Webinar Series from the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions PRESENTER SCHEDULE Feb 23 Celebration of the Paschal Mystery: Theological Foundations/ Dr. James Starke March 2 The Church at Prayer: The Introductory Rites/ Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS March 9 Proclamation and Response: The Liturgy of the Word/ Fr. Regis Armstrong, OFM March 16 Joining in the Sacrifice: The Liturgy of the Eucharist/ Fr. Matthew Ernest March 23 Glorifying the Lord by Your Life: The Concluding Rite/ Fr. Ajani Gibson

Live at Noon CST & Recorded for Access afterward / FREE / Registration/Information HERE

Liturgical Training Publications offers this thorough exploration of the 3 Scrutinies in the current issue of Catechumeneon Quarterly .


The Brenham/LaGrange & Bryan/College Station deaneries hosted their Annual Catechist’s Retreat on Saturday, January 7, at St. Thomas Aquinas in College Station. They had keynote speakers, breakout sessions, adoration and the opportunity for Reconciliation. Catechists enjoyed getting to know one another by playing friendly ice-breakers and then competing parish v. parish for the coveted trophy in a game of theological Kahoot!. The retreat was a huge success and two catechists won copies of the 75th Anniversary Commemorative books to take home!

CHRIST IS ALIVE! Essay Contest for Children in Grades 3-8 sponsored by The Communication Center Religious Warehouse

TOPIC: Describe a moment when you felt close to God in the past year. Each parish may submit one essay per grade level.

PRIZES: $100 for winning essay to the student AND the teacher PLUS $100 for a class celebration PLUS $200 for the RE program PLUS a new bible for the student!! Two prizes awarded at each grade level.

Download details and submit registration form here. Entries must be sent by mail and postmarked by March 31, 2023.


Saturday April 15, 2023 10:30am | Registration deadline April 5

St. Albert the Great | 12041 Bittern Hollow | Austin, TX 78758 Austin


Spring 2023 Classes Start January 10. REGISTER TODAY!

  • Christian Morality | March 7, 14, 21, 28 | 6:30-9:30 p.m. Virtual via Microsoft Teams. (16 hour class)

  • 2023 Basic Teachings of the Catholic Church | Virtual via Microsoft Teams | 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (30 hour course which includes the following 5 classes)

    • Creed | February 25

    • Liturgy & Sacraments | March 11

    • Morality | April 1

    • Prayer & Spirituality | April 22

Spanish Classes | Regístrese Aquí

  • 2023 Enseñanzas Básicas | Clase presencial virtualmente a través de Microsoft Teams

    • Sagrada Escritura | 18 de Febrero

    • Credo | 25 de Febrero

    • Liturgia y Sacramentos | 11 de Marzo

    • Moralidad | 1 de Abril

    • Oración y Espiritualidad | 22 de Abril

If you have questions, call Carolyn at (512) 949-2461 or via email at


Below are the scheduled deanery meetings. If you cannot make your deanery meeting but can attend a neighboring meeting or have questions about deanery meetings, please feel free to contact

  • Killeen/Temple | March 28 @ 5:30pm | Virtual

  • Austin South/Central | Feb 14 @ 10am | St Ignatius

  • N. Austin/Georgetown/Round Rock | Mar 9 @ 10 am | St Joseph, Manor

  • Brenham/LaGrange/Bryan/CS | March 7 @ 10 am | St. Mary, Brenham

  • Bastrop/Lockhart | February 24 @ 6:30 pm | Sacred Heart, Elgin

  • San Marcos | Feb. 9 @ 10 am | St. John, San Marcos

  • Lampasas/Marble Falls | Feb. 17 @ 10 am set up for retreat | St. John, MF

  • Waco | Feb 17, 2023 @ 11am | Virtual on Teams


  • Lampasas/Marble Falls: Feb 18th

  • San Marcos: March 4th

  • South & Central Austin: March 25th

  • Bastrop/Lockhart: June 10th

  • Waco: August 5th

  • N. Austin/Round Rock/Georgetown: August 12th

  • Killeen/Temple: August 19th


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