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A Spiritually Driven Life

Each of us is a perfect and whole representative of the Eternal, but we have not fully awakened to our spiritual potential as human beings. Great spiritual teachers have manifested on earth to aid in our awakening and harmonization. Though they faced serpentine conditions as we do, they chose to travel the Divine Road rather than the human road in their life journey. Like them we can chose the Divine Road and live their messages.

The Message of Divine Love

Jesus was a Great Friend to humanity and the earthly embodiment of Divine Love. He lived up to his purpose as Christ through his teachings and life, but he was publicly taunted, tortured and crucified because of fear and ignorance. The people of influence at that time feasibly did not consciously fear his teachings about love, rather his deviant and very empowering teachings that the kingdom of God is near at hand. He was aware of being Divine as well as human and taught that each of us can be the same way, since he is attributed as saying, "These things and greater things shall ye do." As an insurrectionist his teachings would have challenged the social and religious order.

Surely, Jesus did not want to die as he was fulfilling his life's mission. Nor would he have willingly sacrificed himself to atone for our sins, rather he was executed because of sin. Sin is a religious term that means transgression against eternal Laws, and humanity transgressed against the Eternal's representative of the Law of Love. Jesus, confession, or prayer, can not wash away or save us from our mistakes as the Law of Cause and Effect is ubiquitous; we are responsible for ourselves. Plus, the root of the word sacrifice is to kill off that which is negative in order to embrace that which is spiritual, so he conceivably would not have willingly killed off the Eternal's message of Love or himself, the messenger.

Jesus' great gift was his life as an example, showing us how we are meant to live a spiritually driven life. He chose the Divine Road. He left his ego behind saying, "It is the Father within me, He doeth the works." His teachings continue to inspire us to quest for understanding of and manifestation of our divine qualities Now, not in the distant unknown future of heaven or the divine revelation. They show us that we can manifest our divinity in our earthly life by being wise, kind, forgiving, honest, sincere and loving. Above all, that each of us can know that the realm of the Eternal is on this earth Now through spiritual awareness, faith and practice.

The Message of Divine Mind

The message of today is of like kind - the kingdom of the Eternal is within and present all around you in this very moment. The Divine Mind quality of the Eternal is hand in hand with Divine Love; they are as twins. It manifests in the world today as a blending of spiritual aspirations and science; they compliment and support each other harmoniously. That is why Science of Being is in this world. Eugene Fersen was The Lightbearer and Channel of Science of Being. He chose the Divine Road. The teachings have an attitude of Divine Mind aflame with Love, and they are the science of Your Divine and human Being. The teachings are to help us ascend from human to fully transformed Spiritual Beings. That ascension is achieved by a daily moment to moment mental awareness and moving with Energy, Wisdom, Law and Love; living the FourSquare. We are to remember to use Universal Life Energy and trust it as the Eternal's Spirit made evident. With perseverant application of the principles we harmonize ourselves and travel step by step closer to complete union with Spirit.

Facing Temptations

Just as Jesus and other Great Friends of humanity went willingly on a journey of spiritual discovery and life, we must also willingly take that journey. We must by and by face three similar temptations as Jesus did and make the choice for harmony: Do we hunger for fulfillment but live by human bread alone? Do we doubt the All encompassing Eternal and our innate Divine nature? Do we get lost in the human world of challenges, glamor and desire for influence and power? Apathy delays us. Doubt cripples our progress. And greed, pride, jealousy, fear and other subconscious traits pervert us. Experience teaches us that the human mind is the only devil of this world. It takes us on the human road. Yet, we can develop Faith and Trust in the Eternal and That which is within because we choose to change our thinking and the way we live in this world.

The human or Divine Road

The human road can be winding and pitted with so many challenges, temptations, glitz and glamor that it can distract you from living a spiritually driven life. But, even if all your desires are met and you have influence, power and money, it cannot buy true happiness or spiritual fulfillment. Like the Great Friends of humanity, we have the gift of free will and must make the choice to travel the Divine Road willingly and whole-heartedly, applying the principles of Divine Love and Divine Mind which are taught in Science of Being. Boundless harmony is within reach!

With Light and Love Portia SLB


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Wisdom from Science of Being

"The last farewell thoughts at death are the ones which determine how we awaken in The Beyond."

Eugene Fersen
Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, #201, page 85


How did this get started, anyway?

Who founded Christianity? Most people would say Jesus and/or his apostles. Theologians will point to various texts in the New Testament of the Bible as proof that the Christian church (and thus Christianity) began shortly after Jesus' death. There is little evidence of exactly how Christianity gained it's first foothold in the world. However it began, modern research is showing that it was not the cohesive religion of today. It was a fragmented Jewish movement, with many different competing beliefs. One of the most ardent opponents of the early movement, Saul of Tarsus (also known as Paul), had a vision and converted to Christianity. Because of his influence, the Jewish movement widened it's reach and became much more inclusive of non-Jews. Paul's strong views shaped a large portion of the early church doctrine and helped the Jewish movement become the Christian religion we know today.

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"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."

Lhamo Dondrub, born 1935
Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama
Study with us!

“A pure mind is much more important than a pure Body."

Pearls of Wisdom, page 237
Inspiration: The mental attitude of today's media is that the beautiful body reigns supreme. Taking care of our body is important, but it cannot fulfill our deepest desire for happiness and Love. Through our spiritual practice and realization of Unity with the Great All we can harmonize our character and build our happiness. And with that realization comes something so beautiful that it is priceless: we come to realize that we are capable of being infinitely loving.

Question: What mental exercises have you done today to deepen your understanding of your connection with the Great Law?
The Biblical Texts

The Bible is considered by fundamentalists to be of divine origin. However, the biblical canon is a collection of texts written and edited over long periods of time, by different human authors and scribes, from different cultures and languages which varied greatly. For example, neither Jesus nor his apostles are known to have actually written any of the biblical texts, rather they are transcriptions of oral traditions passed down from one generation to the next and eventually made into texts. Even today, there is no one single definitive version of the bible, and different traditions have different adaptations. Plus, words have a way of changing their meanings due to the mental attitude and traditions of the culture. Human involvement over time has a way of distorting authoritative dialogue. The Bible may be of divine origin, but it also has been greatly influenced by the human mind.


"God made so many different kinds of people. Why would he allow only one way to serve him?"

Martin Buber, 1878-1965
Jewish philosopher and educator


No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

John Lennon, 1940-1980
English musician, singer and songwriter
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