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“What is called by astronomers a World is all that which can be seen through the telescope, and even much more than what can be actually perceived. All the seemingly infinite agglomeration of stars, suns, and planets extending in all directions - some of these stars being so far away from the Earth that their light takes millions of years to reach us ... constitutes this World.”

Eugene Fersen
Science of Being, page 103

It's a fight for healing

Greetings Light seekers and Lightbearers!

These are  precarious times and precarious times call for a persistent fight to heal the world. I know more than one person that has died from the virus, but this virus circling the world now does not want to kill us. Rather it’s logical that it wants to survive and multiply. And it survives and multiplies when we lay down without a fight, or when we unwittingly pass it on. 

The fight for healing

There are many courageous people on the front lines fighting for our freedom, strength and happiness during this challenging time. Not all of us can be or should be on the front lines. Yet, we all have our duties.

Each of us can be a channel for healing in our own ways as we are inspired.  You are invited to join the Lightbearers in Giving the Healing Energy to all humanity and the world. Anyone can do it with a sincere intention and surrender to the Great Principle, God. The Great Principle, God does the healing, while You become the Channel. The more that join in, the more healing Universal Life Energy will circle the world, spreading from one being to another according to Universal Law.

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In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

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27 empowering lessons that change your life!

You are invited to join in this incredible Self empowering series in which you experience for yourself direct conscious contact the very Life Force of the Universe and the Laws in which you live.

It’s aimed to give you knowledge aflame with Love to create a happy, healthy and successful reality. To encourage You and the whole of humanity to remember and know our True Nature and Inner Powers. To know our Unity with Source.

The Channel and Teacher of Science of Being, Eugene Fersen, is also known as Svetozar which means Lightbearer. He taught the wisdom until mid 1950, impacting countless other spiritual teachers that continues today.

Let our motto in this spiritual journey as Light seekers and Lightbearers be, “KNOW THYSELF AND THOU SHALT KNOW ALL.” For we are truly on a spiritual journey to know the Light and Love of Source Itself which is within us.

So let us begin …

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Our Connection is plain to see,
We breath it, and it’s free.
Rejuvenation ... Silence 
It says We, not I - You see!
As a child you Loved me.
So it takes a pandemic?
I’ve tried to help you see?
This time alone was meant to be!
Remember who are you?
In my Love you should see!
Who you are in me!
I’m Loved allot, but forgotten too often,
In my gentle breeze I speak to you.
But too often I have to scream to get your attention! What are you thinking?
I ask - what does your Life mean?
Can you see your movie screen?
Do you know I’m transparent?
I am your Spiritual Co-Parent!
I speak the Truth to You in everything!
It does not change!
My Love with You protects everything!
But you forget, get caught up in everything but me? So pandemic, stay home, find who you are in me! There's no space in time, for I come from the Divine! I am one with that Great All whom You call God!
I breath and have my Being through the Great Law! Who am I you ask?
I am Mother Nature, you see! My Laws are the same as The Great Law!
Learn now! You have the time!
Don’t waste it! Be a child’s Love again!
Feel me ... Know me 
I’ve shown you the way for all of this Life!
You have known me a million times before! Work in the Laws I show!
The colors of my rainbow, I want you to know! My Love I show in so many ways!
Drink and breath me in.
It’s the way it’s always been!
Show your Rainbow within!
It’s you and its we, together as Friends!
Work within Our Father/Mother
Life, Intelligence, Law, and Love
Listen to The Silence within!

Always Love,
Melissa LB

“Never fear that you cannot do a certain thing, that you cannot bring out certain qualities from within you, that you cannot overcome obstacles on your path. Remember that all things are possible to a Power which governs the whole Universe and that you are the very embodiment of that Power.”

Eugene Fersen
The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 15
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