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It's Getting Kind of Crowded in Here

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if you noticed, but it's almost December. Thanksgiving is over and those of us who celebrate Christmas can finally enjoy the season guilt-free (clink). And I hope you do because Valentine's Day stuff will be on shelves before New Year's. Mark my words. 

We are now embarking on the roughly 3-week period of the year that I like to call "the middle of the vacation sandwich" because that's literally what it is and I am bad at coming up with snappy names for things that are easily hashtagged. 

What this means for you is if you ever needed to be organized, there is no better time than the month of December. It can be hard to stay focused at this time of year and I am with you in that, which is why I have a few survival tips to share. 

About that vacation sandwich...

This time of year can oh-so-easily slip away if we aren't careful. The days will be fast-paced, we're probably adding extra parties, travel and get-togethers into the mix and productivity can really suffer. So let's face that for a minute and come up with a game plan so we can enjoy this sandwich like nature intended.

I'm a big fan of lists and we are traveling over Christmas this year, so you can bet I am making all the lists. I've found that during the busiest times of the year when schedules are so unpredictable, breaking daily tasks down to the hour is essential for keeping it all together.

3 Lists to Help you Keep your Cheer
  • 30 thousand feet - This is the total month list. This is the end game list where you will put the bigger items like travel, work goals and bigger tasks
  • Down the street - With this list you'll break those tasks down by week and decide what you need to do for each week only. I recommend doing both of these lists now and the final list you'll do each weekend
  • It's Go Time - At the beginning of each week, take a look at your down the street list and break your goals out into days and even hours. And then ONLY LOOK AT THE CURRENT DAY. This part is crucial to freeing yourself from holiday stress. Follow the goals for your current day only. If you finish early, go ahead and knock out something from tomorrow. But onnly if you want to!
If you need a few more reasources for this, my friend Amiyrah shared some great time-blocking strategies for bloggers here (but they can apply to anyone). Also, be sure not to fall into the 5-minute trap of over-scheduling. It's easy to do!

Finally, learn to let go. For the past several years in December, I've attempted to do daily Advent activities/crafts with the boys, only to find myself frustrated and feeling "behind" when we missed a day (or five). This year, I'm not even trying. We will have a jolly holiday without extra crafts and I am ok with that. 

I'd love to know the biggest challenges you face in December. Feel free to send me a note via email or chat @AndreaUpdyke on Twitter. And remember, sandwiches are delicious and should be celebrated.

We can do this. Let's go!
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