August 2019

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How Play Can Help Children and Families Thrive 
Play can take us to imaginary worlds and challenge our minds as well as our bodies. And it's not just fun and games; play also helps promote healthy development. 

Science points to three principles that can guide society in helping all children and families thrive: supporting responsive relationships, strengthening core life skills, and reducing sources of stress. Play is an effective way of supporting all three of these principles to improve outcomes for children and families.
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New Translations

Japanese, Bulgarian, and more! 
It doesn't matter what language you speak or where in the world you live, the science of early childhood development—of brain architecture, serve and return, and toxic stress—is universal. Thanks to the generosity and work of many organizations, the Center's resource library includes videos and materials translated into several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Urdu, Bulgarian, Arabic, and now Japanese, just to name a few.
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Did You Know? 

Center Staff Spotlight

Meet Susan Crowley, a project manager at the Center. Susan’s work is focused on making the science of early childhood development actionable to change the lives of children and families. She works with two types of social entrepreneurs: with practice, policy, and systems leaders as they redesign existing programs, and with founders of new ventures as they strive to increase their impact as they scale up.

What excites you about the Center’s work?

Susan Crowley employee spotlight
Stay tuned for future newsletters to meet more of our team members whose dedication and passion impact the mission and work of the Center on the Developing Child.
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