August 2020

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New Infographic

What Is Inflammation? And Why Does it Matter for Child Development?
If you've read our new working paper on lifelong health, you know that when external threats trigger the body's stress response, multiple biological systems spring into action like a team of highly skilled athletes. Inflammation is a critical part of of our immune system's stress response. But, what is inflammation and how does it impact child development? 

This new infographic explains short-term vs. long-term inflammation, the adverse impacts of chronic inflammation, and steps we can take to improve children's lifelong health. 

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Related Resources

This Working Paper examines how developing biological systems in the body interact with each other and adapt to the contexts in which a child is developing—for better or for worse—with lifelong consequences for physical and mental health. 

Read the paper
This three-page InBrief highlights five key takeaways from our newest Working Paper, as well as implications for policymakers and practitioners. It explains in clear language how the foundations of lifelong health are built early, how physiological systems are affected by adversity early in life, and the importance of the prenatal period and the first few years after birth.

Read the InBrief

Science-Based Innovation in Brazil

New Project Teams Join the Brazilian Innovation Cluster 
In 2015, Frontiers of Innovation and Núcleo Ciência Pela Infância (NCPI) jointly launched the iLab, a Brazilian social innovation laboratory, to design and test strategies with the potential to transform the lives of children facing adversity. 
 "I worked in early childhood since the beginning of my academic life, but joining iLab brings me a great possibility to make a difference in this area, by creating an intervention program of high quality."

Giana Bitencourt Frizzo
Project Coordinator and Researcher 
Since its inception, iLab has supported two cohorts of Brazilian innovators, bringing together practitioners, researchers, and other professionals from the social, business, and governments sectors to co-create novel solutions based in both the latest science and the lived experiences of the communities with which they work.

Learn about iLab's new cohort of innovators and projects

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