June 2019

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Let's Tell the World About #ServeAndReturn!
"Serve and return" interactions help build strong connections in the developing brain that are needed for core life skills and for building resilienceAnyone can engage in serve and return with any child. You can do it together during everyday moments–like while you’re grocery shopping, riding the bus, or getting ready in the morning!
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help spread the word about #ServeAndReturn! 
Beginning today, June 11th, the Center on the Developing Child will be sharing the concept and 5 steps of serve and return (featuring one step each week for 5 weeks) on all of our social media accounts. 
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How can you get involved?

Follow us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages and post pictures and videos of yourself doing any (or all) of the five steps with a young child. Be sure to tag the Center in your posts and use the hashtag #ServeAndReturn

You can get your friends and followers involved, too, by saying: "We #ServeAndReturn, do you?"

The Center’s Communications team will monitor use of the #ServeAndReturn hashtag and will retweet/share/repost great examples of people doing serve and return together. Some examples may even be featured in an upcoming issue of this newsletter.

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VIDEO: How-to: 5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve & Return
Serve and return interactions are fun, easy, and an excellent way to build a strong foundation in a child's brain for future learning and development. Is a child pointing at something? Babbling or moving those little arms and legs? That's a serve! By returning a serve with a simple acknowledgement or smile, you are rewarding a child's interest and curiosity. 

Want to learn how serve and return can be a part of your daily interactions with children? Check out our new, practical, how-to video that shows children and adults serving and returning.

View the video

GUIDE: 5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve & Return

Designed specifically for practitioners to use with parents and caregivers, this handout reinforces the importance of serve and return interactions to children's healthy development and breaks them down into five easy steps. This guide is available online or as a PDF to print out and share with parents and caregivers as a handy reminder. Also available in Spanish.

View and download the tool

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