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Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

May 2016

New Report
From Best Practices to Breakthrough Impacts
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Intergenerational Mobility Project 
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New Report

From Best Practices to Breakthrough Impacts

From Best Practices to Breakthrough Impacts
The research is clear: current best practices do make a difference for most children. But they are a vital starting point, not a final destination—today’s best practices are not enough for many children facing serious adversity. This new Center report presents a call to action to launch a new era of R&D in policy and practice in order to dramatically improve outcomes for young children and families. It lays out essential concepts in the science of early childhood and brain development that can drive new ways of solving our biggest challenges, core principles for improving current programs, and a science-based framework for building an R&D platform for achieving breakthrough impacts.   

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New Video

Intergenerational Mobility Project: Building Adult Capabilities for Family Success

Intergenerational Mobility Project

The Intergenerational Mobility Project uses a coaching framework to strengthen families’ ability to plan, set, and achieve goals together that will alleviate the stresses of low-income life and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. By harnessing the power of families' desire to help each other and parents' willingness to make changes to help their children, the project aims to build skills—such as managing time and other resources—in both parents and kids. 

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Media Coverage

"Bringing Brain Science to Early Childhood"

The Atlantic | May 4, 2016

Center Director Jack Shonkoff and Jason Gortney, Director of the Office of Policy and Innovation at the Children’s Home Society of Washington, are interviewed in this timely story about the Center's call for a science-based R&D approach in the early childhood field. 

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More Resources

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Building Core Capabilities for Life
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TOOL: The Brain Architecture Game
Deep Dive: Lifelong Health
Lifelong Health
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