May 2019

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World Video Premiere

How-to: 5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve and Return
Serve and return interactions are fun, easy, and an excellent way to build a strong foundation in a child's brain for future learning and development. Is a child pointing at something? Babbling or moving those little arms and legs? That's a serve! By returning a serve with a simple acknowledgement or smile, you are rewarding a child's interest and curiosity. 

Want to learn how serve and return can be a part of your daily interactions with children? Check out our new, practical, how-to video that shows adults and children serving and returning.

View the video

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New Fellows

Introducing the 2019-2020 Djokovic Science and Innovation Fellows
The Center is thrilled to announce that four Harvard doctoral students have been awarded the 2019-2020 Djokovic Science and Innovation Fellowship. This initiative was launched in 2016 by the Center and the Novak Djokovic Foundation to inspire and prepare a new generation of leaders who will leverage science for innovation in early childhood practice and policy settings. 
Jacob Beckerman is exploring the prevention of obesity by improving early childhood nutrition.
Emily Hanno is evaluating interventions aimed at improving caregiver practices.
Gabriel Schwartz is examining the links between neighborhoods, social policy, and racial and health inequities.
Michelle Zemplenyi is utilizing biostatistics to determine the effects of prenatal exposures to toxins.
Read the fellows' full bios

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InBrief: Applying the Science of Child Development in Child Welfare Systems
The healthy development of all children is essential for a thriving and prosperous community, and we now know a great deal about how child development works, as well as how to prevent and address problems. 

Based on our previously released full report, this new InBrief explores how we can use insights from cutting-edge science to improve the well-being and long-term life prospects of the most vulnerable children in our society.

Read the InBrief

Center Staff Spotlight 

Meet Jessica Nelson, a Project Manager at the Center. Jessica wears many hats, one of which is managing the Science-Based Innovation workshops. She brings together practitioners, researchers, and other early childhood development change-makers to improve the way we develop and evaluate programs. Learn more about the Science-Based Innovation Training.

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