February 2019
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Happy Winterlude,

If anyone is wondering why the Ottawa Market was so hot last year and why it looks like it may turn out to as hot - or hotter - this year, the graph below may give some quick indications.

Basically the number of available listings is down and the number of sales is still up as there are still lots of people looking to buy.

The graph above shows the number of active listings from Jan 2014 till January of this year.  Basically the peaks are around May of each year and the dips in December.  The actual numbers of listings for the December time frame of each year were 8784 for 2014, 8633 for 2015, 6940 for 2016, 5187 for 2017, and 4007 for the end of 2018 - roughly where we're at now.  So the number of homes for sale in 2018 was less than half the number in 2014 - and there are more people in Ottawa.

If you're thinking of selling this may very well be a good year to do it.  Just sayin'!

Enjoy the month everyone and thanks again for your referrals.  We are always honoured to work with you and yours!


10 Things Before Renovating A Condo

(Kelsey Pudloski,

Renovating a detached home and renovating a condo are two very different things. While you may need to apply for a building permit, chances are your neighbours won’t have a say in what type of flooring material you can choose for your living room or whether or not your plumber can park on the street. In a condominium, however, there are all sorts of rules and regulations that dictate how you can update your home in the sky.

From consulting with the condo board to finding a contractor that's willing to work in a condo, it's different from getting work done on a detached home. more...


Buyer? Is That A Security Camera? 

Remember Nannycams?  They're still around, but there's also a proliferation of other devices that allow recording & montitoring on the web. interviewed Jill Comfort, a Phoenix-area Realtor, who showed to her client who was relocating from California. Within budget, in the right location and had a huge pool and back yard that would allow him to entertain.

It also had multiple surveillance cameras that recorded everything that went on as prospective buyers walked through.

In Canada, home sellers could also be recording everything that occurs when a buyer is touring the home. A homeowner might think that they have the freedom to record what is happening inside and outside of their own home. However, Canadian law is pretty explicit, and states that a person cannot intentionally intercept or listen to a private conversation using a range of devices including video and audio recorders. more...


Unconventional Airbnbs in Canada 

If you've ever wanted to live out your “Lord Of The Rings” fantasy, this Cob Cottage is just the ticket. The Hobbit-worthy house was named Canada's “Most Wished For” Airbnb in 2017 and its owner now takes weekend reservations more than a year in advance. Much of the cottage's whimsical appeal is due to its unique design: the walls were handmade using clay, sand and straw.

View others, like the Rotating House in PEI, Cressy House with it's private vineyard, and Le Chalet Perché: a wood cabin suspended 16 feet in the air, only accessible via a rope footbridge.  Just up the road in Wakefield there's also The River Den.  ...see and read more...


TVs That Roll Up Are Almost Here 

This photo shows the TV fully closed, fully open, and while rolling up into it's base.  The base doubles as the soundbar, so it uses minimal space then not in use.

The LG OLED65R9PUA is listed as "coming soon" on the LG website and is expected to go on sale later this year.  ...see and read more...



      Available For Immediate Occupancy 

New build!  Be the first to occupy this snug home in the sky, safe from all those nasty predators. Completed just a few short months ago, this wonderful condominium dwelling is perfect for you and a large number of your chiroptera friends.

A smorgasbord of tasty mosquitoes and other insects awaits you just out your front door. Call or email any time to arrange your own private viewing!


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