A starter list for keto beginners 

It's not easy starting on keto when you're used to taking carbs as your mainstay. What's worse - carb-heavy foods are everything and that just doesn't make the transition to keto any easier. I know, because I've been there. We all did when starting off.

What I found helpful was to have occasional treats that are keto-compliant versions of the foods we used to enjoy, while still adhering within my carb/calorie limits. This is different from cheat days, as it's still within the keto way of eating. Guilt-free yaaay!

So I looked back at my experience as a beginner during the past 6 months, and curated a collection of links of places, products and resources that might be useful for folks starting out on keto. Use the "starter list" filter, or look for 🐣 on the bottom-right corners of each listing card. 

Where to eat

  • 🍕 Elyon Cafe is an all-keto cafe serving the dishes we know and love but keto-compliant – burgers, zhi char dishes, pizza, waffles, ice cream.
  • 🍜 Deanna's Kitchen – good old hawker prawn noodles but with shirataki noodles. 
  • 🍔 I always wondered if I will ever be able to eat a burger again, but was relieved after learning about bunless burgers! The famous Five Guys burgers that just opened in Singapore offer bunless (lettuce-wrapped) versions for their burgers. Yaaay!
  • 🍦 Likewise with ice cream, I never knew I could enjoy one again until I discovered the keto choc sorbet by Kind Kones. What a godsend! Also find Christie Kamala's unbelievable keto ice cream flavours like butter pecan, raspberry ripple, milk tea on the marketplace of Singapore Keto Lifestyle for the Busy.

Where to shop 

  • 🥖 When I want to just walk in to a brick-and-mortar store to get keto baked goods, I go to Ange Bakes and Seriously Keto. Delicious, keto-compliant cakes, breads, cookies and retail products.
  • 💻 Online retail stores like BenBanter, DJ Keto and Wowlah have great snack options to start off. I enjoyed BenBanter snack bars when I travel; DJ Keto's bulletproof packet drinks are super convenient, and Wowlah has an interesting starter kit to get you started on keto (also a great gift idea for a keto friend).
  • 🥦 For groceries, other than the usual suspects like Sheng Siong, I like to drop by Mahota Market for keto and health products, and Redman by Phoon Huat for the occasional keto baking ingredient like almond flour.

Where to hang out 

  • 📲 For Facebook users, the Facebook group Singapore Keto Lifestyle for the Busy is a positive, supportive community to get keto tips and recipes. They also have a marketplace where you can buy delicious keto bakes, ice cream and other snacks. Similarly for the Keto East West Facebook group.
  • 💬 I share lots of promos and deals that's keto-friendly in the Keto List Telegram chat group as well.

Where to see doctor

  • 🏥 Dr Steven Tucker runs Tucker Medical, a keto-informed clinic if you ever need to medical advice.

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list of keto resources for beginners. What are your own favourites? Share them on the social channels - Facebook, Twitter, Telegram chat.

Updates on Keto List: Ads 

I'd recently a small advertising setup on the Keto List site, just to keep the lights on for this passion project. The listings with a "⭐️FEATURED" tag are the paid ads. My philosophy for ads on Keto List is this: only ads that are relevant to us keto folks, and no annoying, in-your-face, hard-selling. So even while I place ads on the site, I'm mindful to also preserve the browsing experience for us normal users. I'm also a frequent user of the site, so I too do not wish to see tasteless ads overwhelm the content that I'm truly looking for. Hope this works out for everyone, and as always, feedback is welcomed.


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