🥮 Mad for mooncakes

Remember the mooncakes that you can no longer eat after you started keto? Now you can, with this definitive keto mooncake list!

🎟 Deals / Promos alert:
• Ange Bakes - Og price $60 per box, now $48 in Sept.
• Mahota Singapore - $10 off limited time period only.
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Mooncakes are usually a huge no-no for a keto diet, but thanks to all our enterprising and creative local bakers, we can now enjoy them and still stay in ketosis (um well, in moderation of course). There's something nice about partaking in this tradition of mooncake gift-giving during Mid-Autumn Festival. And now we keto folks can enjoy it together with our family members too. No more being left out haha!
So here's a curated collection of bakers selling keto mooncakes this mid autumn. Use the "mooncake" filter on the Keto List site, or look for 🥮 on the bottom-right corner of the listing card. I actually put out a straw poll just to see which ones are the most popular amongst the keto community, and here's the top voted ones:  

  • Goodness Eats tops the poll due to their familiar yet creative flavours. I mean, what's not to like about ondeh ondeh mooncake, a flavour that's both local yet very much missed among us keto folks. Pandan filling, desiccated coconut and juicy sweet, savoury caramel...mmm yum. There's also other salted egg mooncakes with almond, black sesame, matcha, and hojimatcha fillings. I like how they offer different box combos to mix and match flavours. Starting at $28 per box of 4.
  • I'd always enjoyed visiting Ange Bakes at The Adelphi to get my fix of keto bakes. Their open air kitchen always smells of magic, and now emerging from that magic is their keto mooncakes. Comes in 4 flavours - melon seed, egg yolk, orange choc, black sesame. A box of 6 is usually $60, but 🎟only $48 in September!
  • Sofi from Sofi's Cafe Pizza had been stealing the hearts and tummies of us keto folks recently with her delicious Italian keto dishes and desserts. Now she's offering snow skin keto mooncakes! Flavours are pandan custard, roasted peanut sesame. Starting at $8 for small, to $16 for large. 
  • Swaketo has 6 tempting flavours of mooncake that you can mix and match - black sesame with yolk/walnut, matcha black sesame, coconut cranberry, custard, and lemon cheese(?!). 4 for $25, 6 for $35. That lemon cheese flavour intriguing. 
  • Worthy mentions include CCT Keto Bakery (pistachio flavour), Delcie's (vegan keto, pandan flavour) and Mahota Singapore (chocolate avocado & bacon with salted yolk, and coconut pandan mixed nut butter). For Mahota, use 🎟scpromo10off for $10 off for self collection, for limited time period.

So, which ones have you tried? Which ones are your favourites? Share them on the social channels - Facebook, Twitter, Telegram chat.

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