Read on for confirmation of the remaining dates in our club calendar, what's on this Sunday, and an update on the SnowPlanet Feasibility Study
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Season Calendar

Confirming our calendar for the rest of our season:
  • This week, Sun 8 Sep – social and introduction to Doubles. See more on this below.
  • Sun 15 and 22-Sep – Rounds 12 and 13 to complete our Round Robin. All teams will then be ranked into one of 4 divisions
  • Sun 29 Sep – Club Semi-finals, all divisions
  • Sun 6 Oct – Club league Finals
  • Sun 13 Oct – Auckland Mixed Doubles Championship

And apologies for the last-minute notice of the cancellation on Sunday 11 August. After some digging we found that we had been advised by email 10 months earlier that the date was unavailable, but we'd overlooked it. The good news is that we and Paradice have now established what we hope will be a much more regular and robust two-way communication to confirm our season calendar.

This Sunday...

We have a social night on the ice AND off it this Sunday. We'll have a few short games through the evening, and an introduction to Doubles for those who want to give it a try. We also encourage you to bring a plate of finger food to share.

There are a few different rules with the (Mixed) Doubles format, and if you want to do some prep beforehand then we recommend going to YouTube, searching for Winter Games NZ and then into the 2019 playlist (or just click the link). You'll see a number of games from last week's event, some with NZ teams, and all featuring the excellent and informative commentary of our own Hans Frauenlob.

SnowPlanet Feasibility Study

Most of you will know that last year we received a $20,000 grant from Lotteries to fund the feasibility of joint venture of some type between SnowPlanet and a community-based ice sports group. This was originally due to be completed by the end of July, but Lotteries have agreed with our request to extend it to the end of February 2020.

Two of the main players in the Auckland sports environment – Auckland Council and Sport NZ – suggested to our consultant Geoff Balme that the study would be much more valuable if it referenced a formal Auckland Ice Sports Facility Strategy. And since there isn't one, they suggested that Geoff prepare it – and they found some funding for him to do it.

Progress to date -
  • It has taken some time to engage with Auckland Council and other local stakeholders, including the sports, but it has meant a significant level of engagement and a real commitment to provide the information required for Geoff to complete his study. Over the past few months, he has been working closely with Auckland Council staff and others to access information relevant to his study.
  • To date, work has been completed on a design concept and costing, including building options.
  • Work has also been completed on the opportunities for funding the capital, including potentially a contribution from Auckland Council.
  • Work has been completed on a range of possible operating models.
  • Currently, usage and utilisation information is being gathered from other facilities around New Zealand. This is an important component for estimating potential patronage at a new facility.
  • In September Geoff will be visiting Perth which has 3 ice facilities, and has been identified by stakeholders as a good comparison for ice facilities in Auckland.

We're pleased with the progress made to date, and feel and that the quality of Geoff's report will be higher than it would have been had it been completed within the original timeframe and without the benefit of the extensive stakeholder engagement that has taken place. We think that this will be a significant opportunity for the Auckland community, and for the sports.


Good curling!
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