The SDN Insider Newsletter - March 10, 2021
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This newsletter edition will dive you into some of the methods SDN members and professional service designers use to tackle current complex challenges.

Are you eager for exciting new content of service design? Does service design have a role in transforming organisations, communities, and different methodologies to embrace new and persistent challenges? Let's get into these big global questions!

Rethinking the implementation of tools and methods of service design within education? To design preferred situations involves getting to know the gaps in your knowledge. Plunge into the topic and learn how to go beyond design thinking, journey maps, and personas.

One of the marks of a technological society is an orientation to innovate in current practices. Milla Mäkinen tells us about the health and education services' touchpoints in this new SDN member-only case study.

Changing business conditions within your organisation using the latest methods and tools - as service designers, adapting and renovating is constant. In this SDN Academy course, Dr Vidya Priya Rao will guide you in the journey of strategic planning. Make sure to attend the brand new SDN Academy course Service Designer as a Change Agent.

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Service Design Beyond Design Thinking, Journey Maps, and Personas

Working as a service designer, have you ever felt that you see gaps in your knowledge where traditional design education and experience fall short? In this article, service designer, Davis Levine at Alberta Government, discusses some topics that he wishes he had a more solid foundation on when starting his journey into service design. If you are interested in getting into service design, these topics could help you explore beyond design thinking, journey map, and persona think pieces.

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A More Sustainable Business by Design

Curious as to how design can enable a more sustainable business? Join Livework Studio's webinar. Climate change has become impossible to ignore. Last year saw an explosion of commitments to zero carbon goals. The challenge for many organisations is translating good intentions into real change. This is where design comes in. 

Speakers Harriet WakelamMike Barry and Ben Reason will share the virtual stage on March 17th discussing how design can enable a more sustainable business. Hear real stories from practice.

  • Date: Wednesday, March 17th, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 AM GMT (London) / 11:00 AM CET (Amsterdam) / 09:00 PM AEDT (Sydney).
  • Where: Online, Zoom
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How Design Can Change the World

To solve significant problems, we use design to deliver solutions. Currently, and previously in the year 2020, we face multiple world challenges that are the largest to date, such as Covid-19, climate change, loss of biodiversity, increasingly divided societies, to name a few. Due to these challenges, that touches the question: What are we going to do? How are we going to solve this? Could design be the solution to the new age? 
This article, written by Sarah Crooks, explores some of the ways design can and currently does add to our current climate.

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Designing Visibility for Young Carers in Finnish Health & Education System

How might we give visibility to young carers' needs in the Finnish public healthcare and education system? In this case study, with service designer and SDN Accredited Master Milla Mäkinen, you will learn how this project aimed to reduce young carers' burdens of ill family members; identifying their current touchpoints with the health and education services as well as identifying points of action that could be taken to support their wellbeing.

*Note: access to this case study is for SDN members only.
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Service Design Network Academy

In this SDN Academy course, Dr Vidya Priya Rao will take you on a journey giving you a deep dive into strategic planning. Using design thinking, service design tools, and skills makes the process people-centric, accountable, and measurable while continually adapting it to the changing business conditions, ultimately increasing the odds of success. Join us on March 16,17 & 19 at the SDN Academy online!
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What is a brand? How do you define, create and evolve one? Why is it important for service design? Get the answers to these questions by joining us on March 24 in this SDN Academy course! Fiona Myles will provide you with insights on key business considerations, principles, and branding tools for service design. Additionally, this course will also give some insight into naming and organising service brands as portfolios.

Included in this course will be a presentation, exercise and interactive sessions.

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Service Design Network Accreditation

We are pleased to welcome Marika Alhonen to our esteemed group of SDN Accredited Service Design Professionals! Finland-based, Marika is a Senior Lecturer (Service Design, Sales and Marketing) and LAB8 Service Design Lead at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. She uses both coaching and service design to coach students' teams in their project work and supports their learning and professional growth. She also actively leads and takes part in Haaga-Helia's development projects in the service business and education. Lastly, she coordinates service design activities at LAB8 and takes part in commercial projects.

"My role as a service design trainer is a facilitator of learning and change..." - Marika Alhonen 

We are also pleased to announce the renewal of Mário P. Ascenção accreditation as a Service Design Master! Finland-based, Mário is Principal Lecturer in Experience Design, Imagineering and Serious Play at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He is also one of the university’s Service Experience Laboratory leaders, LAB8, and leads the PLAY and Tool Factory commercial services of the laboratory. 

"As I favour 'embodied experiential service design', I see spaces as one pervasive component of service design training..." - Mário P. Ascenção


Find out more about our accreditation programme and consider applying today to join our leading group of experts!

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